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Happy to be here. Thank you for the opportunity. Performing live music during a pandemic requires you to really get creative musicians have been utilizing video chats and everything else doing what they can to try to get in front of their audience. WBC stream. Oh, Holland was able to speak to a man who has been part of the folk scene for decades. Tom Rush, you might know him from his 1968 hit no regrets. Well, Tom lives in Rockport, and Drew was able to talk to him about what performing looks like now and what it could look like in the future. I singer songwriter Ryan Mom, Clue said to me once it was the first one to say this to me. He had to tell the family members toe stop doing the clapping during the virtual performances because it reminded him too much of a sad bar. It was kind of like depressing E did a show at the Wang Center. With Noel, Paul Stookey and Jonathan Edwards, just the three of us in an empty hall, and it's like the 3500 C room, gorgeous place, but my comment there was it actually feels good to see all those empty seats and no, it's not my fault. That is fantastic. That's a great either way. Just as a little, uh, side note here. I would emerging everybody to support their local performing arts venues every way they can, because my concern is that You know, the pandemic will someday be over, But some of these places will be gone and that will be that would be very, very sad. It's nice of you to say, and it's so true. And you know, you're you're an established musician, and I have been saying that for the ones that The kind of like the young artist that had some momentum going and it was really trying to break onto the scene. I just found it to be devastating for some of those artists. I'm sure you remember that coming up and people were starting to kind of catch on to your music, and you were starting to gain a fan base. And I can imagine we'd probably think about those young artists a lot how tough this has been on them. Well, I do have bean have somehow gotten a reputation is being a patron saint of up and coming artists and I, you know my Was an album. I did way back when called the Circle game, which was the first recordings of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell. And it really, I think caused a bit of a stir because these three fabulous writers were all introduced on one project right now I'm working with a guy named Met Nicola. Who was a monster talent and I'm I'm trying to promote his career to mind. No own detriment. I will miss him terribly when he moves on. But my hope my hope is My hope is that when he's playing stadiums, I get to open the show's Wow. Very cool. Well, that well, That's a good plan. Hey, listen, we all can't wait till we get back into stadiums. Right? That would be a treat. That would be a treat. What has been the toughest part about the pandemic for you? You got I see you got guitars serve. You're surrounded by guitars in your host there. I'm sure that keeps you busy. But do you genuinely miss the interaction with your fans of that person, a person? Of course, Of course, I think that's you know, that's what keeps a lot of performers going is the chance to get on stage and actually interact with With a live audience. The Rockport Sundays. Online thing is has been very close second, though, because I do get feedback. It's delayed. It's not on the spot, but Um, yeah, I miss I miss I miss traveling and touring and don't miss the traveling actually at all. But being the being on stage the couple of hours on stage is the is the reward for all the stuff that feels like work, OK, And with that we have made it to the end of the show of pretty packed episode this week, Come back again next week. Stay safe and healthy and warm this weekend to it's gonna be an especially gold one. I'm Nicole Davis from WBC news radio on I Heart radio 2020 is over. We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief for that, And we can look forward to 2021 because the puzzle game best fiends is now better than ever, with exciting new levels, challenging new puzzles and the Cubist new characters..

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