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Think that that's the think it that's a little bit of it it's a different situation we'll take your calls coming up but now let's check in with traffic rob what is going on let me headaches from the you see health traffic center all rights it's nasty out there right now you see health Westchester hospital nationally recognized for providing superior medical care in outstanding patient experience is almost like a winter day the traffic is very slow in all directions they did have westbound seventy four completely shut down they've now going back to opening the left lane traffic is very slow getting by there's a lot of debris in the road there of some sort and they've got a crew out there cleaning it up it's as you approach Harrison ribald and you're very heavily backed up towards Montana there's an accident with the fuel spill nor seventy one approaching Dana Montgomery the right three lanes are blocked your heavy to reading west bound to seventy five an accident pass blue rock has the left lane blocked your heavy there too cold rain some of the heavier spots right now southbound seventy one from fields hurdle to two seventy five then from above Martin Luther king all the way down to the bottom of Sir south bound for seventy one east bound to seventy five heavy through the construction Mineola pike to seventy five east bound to seventy five up top your crowded from seventy five to wards corner and westbound between route for and Wynton wrote I'm rob Williams newsradio seven hundred WLW forecast from the seven hundred WLW weather center rain continuing for tonight the low of sixty seven for tomorrow a chance of more showers and a high of seventy eight it is sixty nine now newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. hello Kitty ready for the day the essentials like the latest news most of the day weather traffic plus sports and more plus my keeps you up to date with the stories that matter to you it is important to you and your family I'm going to talk about.

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