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Heaviest rain threat now has shifted off to the east are high today around 65 becoming partly cloudy northwest wind ten to fifteen overnight tonight mostly clear light northwest's flurries low forty one tomorrow mostly sunny and sixty one chance of scattered showers thursday i sixty three from the source center a catalan tv i brian carstens we don't sugarcoat things november convoluted perverted man we tallied how with these heavy traveling have in adrian be logging pursue empires interesting news talk station is likely kelo newstalk 1320 1079 seven twenty two cloudy skies fifty four walk into the greg bill bridge y'all fringes joining us this morning the white house yesterday saying now now's the time to unite following the shooting in las vegas sarah sanders said there is a time and place for political debate now's the time to unite is a country others blaming congress and in including members of congress revolting their college for not doing more to pass gun legislation and they say prevent tragedies like this when we believe that's possible for you blaming congress is these continued shooting at three three six 1320 is our number one in a richard jewell eight forty four thirty five jerry good morning thanks for waiting iran fellow hey good morning yeah just accurate westner i first of all i i don't think it off were dan i wish it was that make it they have i think there's always going to beat them on that you're going to try it out crave eager last person and they're gonna tell you think that would megan watched their and are gonna youth penn worst and the last person thought i don't think they can an although i wish that good now wish they good as well you know i was thinking yesterday about what happened in spain that person who took that members of the large vehicle ming raila dumb market hitting and killing a number of people injury and just left a path of destruction behind them his they ran a truck down into an outdoor market they timed it the busiest time of the day when it would be the most you know how you can prevent stuff like that yeah yeah exactly in i feel like a congress has been fairly ineffective in indian anything to help if he could show me awad apropos hillary that that would have a key i'd be willing.

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