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Hate kevin lee in the i don't like a lot of other fighters he's jr smith garishly. This ball time has more rational confidence. Any human being in the world. And i feel in a lot of ways. I have a lot of rational confidence. And so it's the spirit and i love. Jr smith shot like like my own child. I love to watch that dude. Relentlessly jack up thirty footers with no regard for sanity or decency and kevin. Lee is a lot like that and so my smart brain wants like dude. You're insane but i just can't hate him because he's he's so insane that it's adorable. Cnn soon as you said that the image that was a different former former laker. And that's nick young. When he three that he turned around and up the celebration and it rimmed out or kemba missing one and doing the little shimmy and rimmed. That's kevin lee test. They are schrodinger fighter today because he maybe could be but he probably is in and we're going to have to find out and he's like we haven't even really touched on. Daniel rodriguez which we should. Because this kid. I said that means jobs drop in breakfast comedies and jr smith references for me. That's what i bring to the table spencer. He's legit gonna go out there. And just jab kevin lead to death and then kevin lease gonna come back on aerial show and say that he deserves a fight with kamara and might it in today's but this is where we are. We will guest dan. Harari is very interesting individual this. This'll be a big win for him. And hopefully daniel rodriguez will have the opportunity to be on aerial show if he does get the victory so We will move ahead in the interest of time but the point around four surprisingly and we're going to the knockout round ladies and gentlemen. It is time one question will decide at all each of these. John of one minute to answer said question. I think it's pretty obvious. We're going since. I didn't ask what i would normally ask during regulation but we're gonna ask it here so get excited and then at the end i'm going to just pick the winner all right so be based on here. Don't be mad me mad. Get mad right. Get your answers to my head. Maybe it's a double mockup. Maybe i would maybe title next week. And i become the champion and i defend against these guys so what we think man are you doing the normal champions prerogative move and passing it on over to spencer gonna pass because i i know what the question is going to be felt like i was going to be and i have like ten answers and so i can pass and just let him run with whatever he wants to go with and come the top because i got i got backups. On backups is sweet baby all right while. Have you know spencer. That last week. Jed was asked this very question if i didn't tell him that. J. j. wilson did miss wait by four and a half pounds. He would waxed poetically about that fight. It would've lost the game before the knock around that happen. Like wow we were not true was like two hours before the job by the head. It's all good all right spencer. I think you've been on the show long enough to know where i'm going with this. There's three words we'd like to use pretty much weekly on this program because we're going to try to make this. You have seen cards as interesting as possible. This is really need it because it's really good last week needed desperately so my question is for you. What is the low key banger of. Ufc vegas thirty five. If you wanna go a little deeper you can. What's the low key banger. the weekend. All right there's a lot of different events one minute on the clock. Low key banger. Your time starts right now. The low-key bangers the bantamweight finale.

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