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I. Don't hold I was pretty immersed in in watching the speakers when I was there I will say that the the the day before I was up there as well and I can. Attest firmly that there were. Some very unsettling people lingering around in big white trucks with the engines running. Big White, men who? Threateningly flashing the lights every so often can attest to that. And then towards the end of the gathering on June teeth There was a big tone shift you know. Things started to be agitated and they ended the rally early. But I, I didn't observe much there. I know that you and a couple of people were documenting cars that were driving through. Yeah! Yeah, like you said there are a couple of of scuffles because people listen, people were on edge. You know people are thinking of you know and when I say. I'm not saying that I don't think there was going to be more white supremacists. It's more sort of white supremacist biker gang types I think thinking but there was the the clan was mentioned so. What happened was. Is that the claiming show there at seven I? Think we. We started at five. The was show at seven so I kicked back. With an organizer from L. A., and we were just watching everything, and we sort of started seeing like a couple of people started showing up that we're kind of like on the outskirts, just looking around and we're talking about The these are people that part of the. Moment or black men I'm just wanting to see want to make sure like everything was going to be okay. Right around seven o'clock. The one thing that I noticed is that. From five o'clock to seven of all the cars that passed, there may be two two white guys in the cars. And the way that the park is situated is that it's almost like a dead end. There's no real there's no reason to pass by it. It's not even a shortcut. It's slow. Out of the way, not even a shortcut, yeah..

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