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At chicagoblackhawks dot com but why pay for him if i can give you free all right so what call it well let's see brandon saad number twenty times have i five you're gonna get one hundred and you're gonna bring that back divide that by ten and divided by the fraction one six just because the one season he missed and we traded him away came back so i'd say seventh caller seven caller yeah all makes sense to me three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred is what can i say i'm good at math yeah and i hold on my hand the most valuable person on the planet today threat waited you did most valuable person on the planet when i turned us over i will be able to know the most valuable person on the planet is are we ready as most valuable person is now of course it was jay cutler valerie back this up you use hamburg were very excited about the debut of a brand new reality show because god knows we need more called very cavalieri yes which debuted last night last night at nine nine o'clock central time starring has cavalry and cavalry jay cutler ms cavalry has had a an online version of this show in some form right no i mean reality star she was on the hills and she had something going on online well she has her she's been building up i've been playing you the teases for the last three months almost promos show but i mean her life is on social media as she said last night she hasn't spent one dollar promoting her shoe line or jewelry line uncommon james but because the social media one dollars all right so first laguna beach justice thousand four started we watched her for about seven years those of us that watched and if you watch that you're very excited for last night's new show all right so jay cavalier who watches us other than no not not according to this show jake have alaric kristen cavalry's husband former bears quarterback let me just ask you did he enjoy himself he did because he puts himself and it was just say you very cavalry is the number one trending thing in chicago ahead of even the cave a cave divers everybody was watching what is wrong with that bats story every respectable sports reporter in town i can't believe it but i'm watching respectable intel seeing jay cutler in a different because he's on he's on kristen she set up an instagram account for him they hadn't seen ad remember he showed his bare but one point so he has a different vibe than he does when he was a quarterback for the chicago bears so when you watch the show you're like oh he's just a he's a wrigley he was interested when he played quarterback until interest for it look for instance he's running some of her business out of her home they're very nice home in nashville by the way and the girls came in for their daily work and they walked by him and he doesn't even say hello and then kristen says you're gonna say hello and he said no i might say goodbye i don't say i and then she she said that was awkward and he's like i felt very comfortable he's fine being him he elder wanted the girls for parking on is grass and then these girls at work for chris rock for kristen they parked on his grass and so he he sent a tax from downstairs hey when are your girls is on the grass and so there's a great scene sellers a great there's a great scene where she's talking to me what do you do all day and he's like you know what i keep myself available open and bounce right on it she asked him what his next step is while they at a romantic dinner and he said she said you're want to do something you know you've always worked so hard you're gonna wanna work and he said actually no i'm looking to do work he.

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