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Seven ten W. O. R. five eleven is our time right now and in just a moment check on the weather for cancer let's go back to the impeachment story bringing an NBC radio national correspondent Mike Bauer and I guess the question of the day my giving their doing questions and answers now so I'll ask you a question Republicans apparently think they may have the votes to block witnesses that what you're hearing that seems to be the answer after yesterday's question and answer session it seems to be that there was a belief that momentum had shifted at some point during the question and answer session and that there may be some boats there now I would certainly say that that seems likely however if you were looking back at the main reason why there was a concern about those votes and the three individual Republican senators Lisa Murkowski Susan Collins Mitt Romney I'm not sure that the bodies to much impact I think the questions that they asked yesterday didn't necessarily get the answers that they were looking for from president trump's defense team so I think there are some open questions here not not the least of which was you know one of the president have to say about any corruption involving the bidens from the day he stepped in the office until you know this whole thing happened there wasn't an answer at all from the president's defense team so there clearly is some open ended questions out there that may get answer today but you so much for call putting a bunch of pressure on some of these Republican senators throughout the past twenty four hours and their belief is right now the Mitch McConnell is going to try to make a really hard push come Friday to get through to the acquittal of president trump another sidebar here apparently senator rand Paul's pushing to identify the whistle blower and was asking about that yeah in fact I think I'd seen on social media yesterday what one of the senators and they've been around Paul supposedly released the name of the whistle blower who the belief of the whistle blower is and and I feel like it's an interesting move to make it's one thing if you want to bring the whistle blower in for some form of sit down and and and get cross examination with the witness I do think you've had more than a few witnesses corroborate what that whistle blowers said and and stayed exactly what the whistle blower had had filed a complaint for so I don't know that you necessarily need the whistle blower to be there and there were reports on social media yesterday somehow linking John Bolton to being the whistle blowers well and that the former national security adviser may be the one who was acting as a whistle blower on some level so there's quite a brouhaha yesterday about it all and and and maybe somebody that if you're starting to move forward with witnesses if somebody the Republican senators would be interested in hearing from it's quite possible the same could get a little ugly here as we come down the home stretch I think this is going to be but I think the post put it best in that this is going to be a cliffhanger heading into Friday we don't know where things are gonna be in a moment and ship could happen again today going in the favor of the Democrats that might be an indication that you're going to see witnesses coming up after Friday national correspondent Mike Bauer on the impeachment story this morning.

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