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Many connections between these organizations. Of course GM Brandon bean their. Coach Sean McDermott number players like star Luke platoon rather and Kelvin Benjamin up here among others Darin, Gantt, from, profootballtalk, dot com joining us now and For what it's worth Darren Bill votes, said a few minutes, ago they. Thought the KB thing was maybe taken out of context and maybe he was caught in a bad spot at a? Bad, time by reporter but that he needs to be. Accountable for saying excusing what he. Said obviously, out what was your take on the whole. KB in the fallout afterwards from his comments about Cam Newton in the. Panthers. Yeah we'll talk about fake news with Bill layer may we may have to discuss that but Tim Graham pointed most respected journalists in? Our business so I wouldn't lay too much blame at his. Feet more than anything weird why is Kelvin Benjamin talking about the accuracy if a. Former Panthers wide receiver wanted, to talk about his new quarterback, being? More accurate, why is not saying that because he plays with drew Brees I mean it. I just thought it was. A peculiar, thing all the way around, I don't, think you know kill, the needed Wade into this right you know being forced. To choose between a slightly less. Accurate Cam Newton or A slightly better shape Kelvin Benjamin Cake every. Time I'm with you on, that and then to your point he named a bunch, of future hall of fame quarterback none of whom he's played without even referring to. The bills quarterbacks or their organization so while he's at the Panthers bills little bit, by? Not mentioning, anyone in buffalo, right I, mean, he mentioned specifically Aaron. Rodgers Eli manning and big fan we know who, else A better receiver with. Aaron Rodgers Antonio Brown Those guys with the better receivers. If they got to. Play with Aaron Rodgers so. I don't know it's one of those things I guess it got us through, a day of the content machine, in August And I guess that what it's all about in some quarters but. I just thought it was silly there's so much more to go on we, could talk about wings or you know Charlotte, immigration to buffalo which I, guess she does, about one, hundred twenty feet pull up there is four times. The historical rate, of people going, from Charlotte to buffalo. Added facts at people in regard to buffalo Charlotte. Are picking up, on let's talk pampers offensive line, and, there's lots going on moving parts with that so Brendan man perhaps the starter perhaps Greg van Roten we'll get, a look at left tackle left, guard I should say relatively Taylor Moton over. At right tackle what. Are your thoughts overall about. How this office of line is coming together and dealing with all these injuries Frightening at the moment I think you know, even though they're Williams Renault, pro you don't, panic about, that one because there's a pretty good chance that. He might be, able to play, the second half of. The year and be promoting in the second round. A couple of, years ago and he's a guy, who. Has some degree of promise and they feel pretty good about SA right tackle I think trying to a way Into that left. Guard competition was always sort of miss cast their right tackle is what Taylor Moton is, so at least you got a well qualified guy standing in that. Spot the other one, I think could change over the next four or five weeks though because, as much as you up Andrew norwell as much as the Jaguars. Andrew norwell to pay him what. They did, Garth, can be found let's remember where Andrew norwell came. From so I think whether. It's one of those. Guys you mentioned who's on, the roster now Searle's is a versatile. Guy who, can plug, into a hot spots, Tyler Larsen, the appease not in the middle of that particular week would be an option to I think you've at least got more options to cover that up so I'm not prepared to panic you know I I. Reserve the right and a couple of weeks more more guy get hurt I'm like around veer one more. Guy gets hurt then you worry Thank you know you. Disorder hold your breath and. Hope Moton can do. The job tackle inclined to, guard someplace else What's. Your comfort level with the backup quarterback competition of Garrett Gilbert and Taylor heineke right now Somewhere less than my comfort level that the, left guard position how about that Yeah I don't know if the backup quarterbacks on the roster honestly I mean the needs to guys are going to have. An opportunity, probably the next four weeks to to make that job their own but I I think it's very. Reasonable to believe that Marty is going. To be, out looking for somebody on I feel that role in the future. I mean Derek Anderson was such a trustworthy guy because he knew the offense and that was the reason Derek Anderson hung around after he was. No longer able to beat the buccaneers the two times a year he played. I'm so knowing the offense is. Not factor now that nor Turner's in town and so you continue to look and I, think barring one of those guys just running away with things in the preseason you know it makes sense to be, looking for an. Upgrade at that spot over the next few weeks defensive, secondary. You drafted Chula I three picks in that the secondary Dante Jackson Rashawn golden as you look at the defensive secondaries two openings there for. Starting positions there Do you think they'll be ready to hit the ground running week one or is it to be a learning process during the season to. Get everybody up to speed you know everything you've heard about the thing you. Know about Reshad golden is that. He can hit people and that's something they valued and that's something they liked as it, pertained to match up then you know you can use them as a tasty and put him on tidier and stuff, like that and. He gives you an opportunity rundown here with people I, wouldn't. Be surprised if he's eventually a starter and that's not taken away from. Sir Mark Adams or or any of those other guys I just think you. Know as, you look at putting your most physically talented guys out there eventually he's going to be part of that mix. Jackson's Kannada spot now where he's. Got to step up and play I mean we're we're Cockrel going down with the injury, and camp obviously that was a. Tough blow cuts into the depths but that really. Pushed on take action into a spot where he has no choice but? To be a point and and he's gonna be out there whether it's starting or or when? They go to nickel he's gonna be out there and he's going to have to play well right off the bat I mean because. You know the kind of receiving threats division and he's going, to have to, be good from day one a lot of stories out there we'll cover it again next. Week with Darren when we get back home for game. Two but you're the preseason opener tonight we'll talk with you then that time of, year All right thanks Darren gap pro football talk dot com coming up mixed conversation with. One of those candidates at left. Guard Brendan man the rookie out of Penn State coming up next as we continue to, catch you down to the Panthers. And bills news talk eleven ninety nine three.

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