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Him and Seth should have won the briefcase not him. Well, maybe there's a little hope that Seth takes the briefcase from probably not. Right. Probably not. I mean, I guess this is their attempt at trying to build a future star. I mean, is Roman dropping these belts anytime soon? WrestleMania. Yeah. That's gotta be. To Cody Rhodes. It's a probably Cody Rhodes, Mary. Josh blevins, carmela gets a rematch for no reason, Becky wants a rematch with Bianca maybe if there was some talent in the division. It wouldn't be rematch after rematch. Who's the women tag champs? Any Sasha Naomi update zelina Vega where the hell have you been? Yes. I don't know if the question was, but yeah, that's a good point. Right. And if you over under low blood pressure. All right, but the last question. That's true. This theory successfully cash in. Oh, like, does he ever? Does he successfully cash in and win? If he does. For the main titles, absolutely not. Absolutely not. He's a failed, right? It's a fail cash. If Cody wins the rumble, beats Roman, he could try to cash in on Cody. And that would suck. And it kind of sucked. And then fail, well, this is successful. Yeah, we said he will fail WrestleMania. So Cody gets to have two matches. We'd all pop like crazy. Right. That'd be amazing. So but he will fail. The theory gets the main event of mania. Sure, just to give Cody another little fun moment. Sure. Sure. Carlos Ramirez, would you rather win a money in the bank ladder match to have sex with any female wrestler anytime any place up to a year when the Royal Rumble starting at number one and have sex at WrestleMania or win the original design Elimination Chamber starting at one and have sex the same night? I'm very confused. First one. First one. Ow. Yeah, you have sex at WrestleMania. Like in the middle of the ring, that's the second one? I like private time. Like live sex celebration. Probably the first one. This is from undertaker. Fun. Persuade, very funny, dang it. Lizard versus alpha academy raiders returning as heels they were returning as a face. Obviously ziegler Ziggler, obviously Ziggler, Lesnar, alpha. Chelsea Wallace, does everyone agree Charlotte will be taking the bell from live at SummerSlam or will Bayley return? What do you think? Also natty for worst dressed. Well, that we could agree on. No. No, it's Rhonda and Liv. Yeah, Rhonda lived. I mean, the sooner Bailey gets back, the fucking better. They could always bring Charlotte back. No for no reason. No, she's in the match. Clash of the castle. Yeah. Because she's a queen. There you go. Rampage her, do you think we will see both Elias and Ezekiel make appearances at the Royal Rumble like how Mick Foley did with his three characters? 100%. 100%. Will this even be a thing in January? We still don't know. If it is, then probably. The roll ups versus countdowns versus another Miz segment and he spelled Miz with two Z's as if it's like jizz segment. Which one of you terminating forever, the refs count out on Belair was louder than the 10,000 fans in attendance? He was because he was like PA might. I might get rid of miss TV if I could eliminate one. Absolutely. You know, we used to love him. We did no WW does Brock Lesnar really have any chance of winning the title? No. Also based on the last time they fought, I really do think there's a decent chance the street profits might take the belt. No, as well. Nope. No. Now with that new T-shirt. Right, definitely not. There you go, that's fan questions. So make sure you subscribe to the podcast, as well as our other podcast, Hollywood hogwash. Follow the show on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at wrong wrestling. Get a T-shirt at pro wrestling tees dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling? Yep. And become a supporter of the show at Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling $5 a month gets you everything. You can cancel any time and we'll see you this Saturday maybe and comic palooza live podcast Saturday at noon. Be there.

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