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95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk now Dave Baker and the home Fix it show. I'm sad about New Orleans. I really wanted to go down and Have some fun, but you can't find is canceled. You know that. When were you gonna go down there? Whatever. I used to live there for many, many, many, many years Executive order came out. No. I moved there after Hurricane Katrina to be part of the recovery. Really generating more part of the problem. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I hosted a radio show down. There was a lot of fun. Really, Really Good times back in the day. How long were you down there? I lived there a couple years. I need to ask you a question about that. But not on the air. Owen all fair questions. Okay. Anyway, funnest canceled because the Corona virus and there's no drinking. No. Where else In the world. You can have fun if you can't go in there and the the only place in the country where they have drive thru Dockery. Establishments Legal Legal there? Yeah, except Not anymore, except the whole It's all cancer. All right off there. Have a great week. You two won't fix it. Show 95.5 WSB Dave Baker here. This half hour. The home fix it shows brought you by Uncle Guard Foundation Solutions would like to thank Brad Pointer from field so center Stopping by earlier this morning. We're talking stone and masonry. Russell Seifert from Creative Solar. You just heard him. We're talking solar power. And whenever you talk solar power, it goes hand in hand with pest control. And I can prove it because growing up Had a magnifying glass. That should be enough said right there any any kid who has never had a magnifying glass in the sunshine And the zapped an ant or a bug or some kind. Has not lived. I'm sure we'll get calls from Peter Matt Brady. But I never I never did that as a kid. That's never did that You never security. Well, it's not like you're going to get rid of the whole colony. I mean, because they're moving, and so you have to move with them to keep that little thing pointed a little beam a light pointed right, Adam Anything I ever did was do the egg on the sidewalk. I remember that as a kid, but I never did the magnifying glass. Wow growing up and I well, we did that a lot. That's how much fun we had in Iowa. Good times. Back. Then day we didn't have smartphones, save up a quarter to get a magnifying glass. Had a little bitty magnifying glass on one and then a bigger one on the other side, and then you would go out. It was at those points in life when you couldn't.

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