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And we are back with John Hoge, John are you working on any new books, you're constantly doing incredible work. Well, I I'm I've got I'm going to have a an article that will be published at right now. There's some great articles about the doing love articles right now. Basically, I have a new book coming out on Anthony bourdain, really. Yeah. He was the CNN traveling chef. Who I really loved the open. So may vistas for me as he did millions of people, and we're all shocked that he committed suicide, and I felt that especially since what I've been talking about the in macro sense. There's I talk about the issue of two kinds of suicide in this book, which also expands not just in my own personal experience with suicide and how I could see certain parallels with Anthony went through. But also the experience I never expected was rather than commit the usual. Monday's suicide in nineteen eighty one. I had what I contend is a spiritual suicide event basically in the mundane suicide your misery destroys your body. And your mind kills you in the spiritual suicide, I'm talking about is you're misery jumps over the cliff and leaves you behind happy. Let it go. Yeah. And so outta love for him. I never expected. This book would come out of me. I'm just doing the final proofs of it. Now, it's been delayed a lot because of other stuff that's happening. But I mean, that's happening. I've got my climate change prophecy book coming up, and I'm also working a long delayed book, which is now finally finally evolved for release at the beginning of next year. This book that used to be twenty seventeen twenty eighteen one of my biannual books. I'm now just dropping by annual books. Now, the next book, I do is the entire decade of the twenty twenties. When are you going to give us your prediction for the twenty twenty election year, thirteen for thirteen with the popular vote? So when you when you're going to give us our next door after the candidate is picked on the democratic side. Well, it's it's starting to come soon. I, you know, I I imagined by summers since we're already kind of in it. I think there's some debates even scheduled in a month or two. So I mean, just like before when it started happening around twenty fifteen in the summer, I started I wrote a book I never expected to re write about Trump's thirteen months before the election where I said if there was ever somebody these the only guy in the Republican side can beat Hillary Clinton and people got to remember that he was considered a complete joke. When he announced his presidency. But I looked at as a strategy and said my God, this man has the best aspects on the election day I've ever seen in all these years since nineteen sixty eight if this is this guy could actually get to that day. He's the only one that could beat Hillary Clinton. So it was an odd election. I mean, I I got her on the popular vote and also predicted that the only man who could beat Trump. So in an odd way, I was right in both levels, Utah defeated that night election night. I kept saying I kept saying on California's not in yet. She's gonna win the popular vote. And I was so relieved because you know, there's a certain victory weariness that happens up to that point. I'd done it twelve times in a row elections. Not just president. But twelve straight for your elections. Yeah. Yeah. And and and I even mentioned by what rate of popular vote. It's not just a to a fifty fifty chance. I also. Tell people by how much I said that Hillary would win popular vote by about two percent more than Trump. And that's exactly what she did. Back back with Al Gore. I said he's going to win over a half a million votes, and he'll win the popular vote. And he did he did. And then the Florida CHAD'S got which is irony ironic because all the indications that empowered county famous in Ballard county back then as much as now where the dangling Chad thing. But also, the the uneven chance in the ballot had Buchanan winning thousands of votes that were clearly a double punch for gore, so gore, basically, even one in Florida, but the Democratic Party once again kind of shot themselves in the foot with a ballot thing that was confusing. I don't see as of right now a front runner democratic candidate Biden's got his issues popping up all over the place. I can say I'm pretty sure that Biden is. Is not going anywhere in this election. And it's just it's one of those situations where it's too late his time came and went and sometimes you're like Obama you come to soon when you're not ready. Yeah. And and he's too late. But what is odd? What's an odd feeling? And I'll just stated I'm not saying this is what it is. But I'm watching this odd feeling is that we may get rather than a repeat of Hillary and Trump 'cause I think Hillary is out I do too. But. Save get the election. We were supposed to have if it hadn't been if talk about collusion, and rigging is the DNC hadn't made this pact with Hillary paying off their debts to fill up the party coffers. If she could basically pick control the TNC and rigged the election. That's that's that's that's is documented fact. And so now Bernie Sanders, I gotta really funny feeling because now he's looking like the moderate in the party writings he is in the is. I think we'll get the to outsiders the millionaire one percenter. Who's who they're trying to control the deep state, and then we'll get the democratic socialist. And then we might see a very interesting election. Interesting take on all of this. Well, we'll keep monitoring. We'll have you back on numerous times before then. But we'll definitely get your predictions. Did you know of did you hear? One of our guests Paul Gershon before from the Merlin project. They were predictors of through computer software when Paul died of a heart attack. Oh last week win last week. Oh, sad story. I didn't know. Wow. You lost him too, many guests. But let's take some calls for you. John. This pick it up by going to our old friend, Tom and LA Hoya, California. Hey thomas. Go ahead. Thank you for taking my call and John. It's always a pleasure to hear your voice and interviews and wisdom, you know, you mentioned Gandhi, John, and you know, what's interesting to me about Gandhi and his followers. They had no rights no money, no future, no resources and yet Gandhi walked past with heart. And he he conveyed that pass with heart to his followers and brought down empires and freed India. And my question for you, John in face of the end of the world, as we know it famine war echo side. Economic collapse. How can we as individuals and as a community walk a path with heart? Staying intellectually psychologically, spiritually mentally emotionally, strong our heads high serene harmonized. Yeah. Walking like Gandhi. Well, it looks like the people who are based in London who are setting up this echo side rebellion movement, which they're going to have the big they're they're doing the Gandhian thing. And it's mostly young people. They're going to like they did a little experiment in January in London, and they managed to shut down all the bridges across the Thames. They didn't do any violence. They just sat and blocked traffic and made their point and were arrested and more came and then they blocked to traffic and and just like Gandhi did with nonviolence. Violence will will only feed the authorities. You know, Gandhi would nonviolence with people just stopping work and stop doing things force the most powerful empire of at the time to relent. And so this is going to be applied across the world. And what I would also add to this from the prophetic angle is that so many collective visions of the future. Talk about the need of the human race to do more than just survive this emergency, but to actually break its connection with the past and all the fossilized ideas and stock thinking that created the situation. I mean, I used to sit at the seat of my own teacher Osho who often talked about mused about whether we would survive this or not, but he said consistently at least I heard this. That he said the old humanity, and this kind of parallels. What the hope he also said the old humanity. Can't can't adapt to the new a new humanity has to come. And it's very likely that the old humanity will just auto destruct. And there's so many ways that the old humanity is doing that even to the point of making artificial idiotic magnification of the intellect and calling it artificial intelligence. There's also the fact that we've never been closer to nuclear war than we are now, and it was all mostly baked up by a dirty dossier of dirt that had that that was used as a basis for a lot of the Mueller investigation that went nowhere, and we literally have come closer to a Cold War becoming hot over something that didn't happen. So it's it's a there was no. Collusion between the president and Moscow. So the the thing is that. So so what is needed is an understanding, you know, the threat of our society our existence being under threat is the kind of thing that blows away all the trivialities. In the world and people start to have to look at we want to survive in Osho used to say, look, I cannot imagine that the human race will wanted to commit auto suicide. I just cannot see that they're going to the last minute. If it's a choice between holding onto their fossilized beliefs that have gotten them, they're they're Madge Inari, friends that are the foundation for magic religions and not a true religiousness. Humanity will take the jump away from that. Now. Now, there's another thing that's important in this talk about that. There's there's an idea that enlightenment. There's always so many people in the world that are lighting a certain number. But if it were to increase just five ten or the maximum of two hundred more people, the quality, this is just a theory that we're gonna see is true. The quality of this transformation of people becoming fully awakened in full of love and intelligence, just two hundred would be enough to shift the rest of us to wards fighting for our survival fighting for our future and the future of all the animals and plants on this planet. Let's go to dawn and Kent Ohio. Now, welcome to the program. Donald go ahead, brother, George great. You know, I think what we have to do is dump this petrochemical economy, and we ought to start burning methane to get rid of it. And you know, I wanted to bring up a kind of an interesting about Nostradamus, I believe he was into a number of forms of. Designation. He was in a new numerology astrology. I think he was into hydro Mansi where he would have around bowl of water anywhere tap into it. So, you know, his his methods that he used were very contrary, you know, the scripture now, but you know, if we look at the Hebrews in the ten plagues of the exodus the last play they were obedient, and they didn't suffer the loss of their first born you look at the other plagues when there was no light at all in Egypt. They had light in their dwellings. And if we go into I twenty four at talks about a poll shift, but if you look at verse five there's a solution, and the solution is simply obedience what say you obedience has got us to this point of echo side that is one of the things that people need to be response. Able and one of the things that I would say has to go is all these great. Teachers come and then in their enlightenment, they leave us. And then in our in moments. We create religions around them, and it's it may very well be one of the things we may have to confront is that all religions all of them as we have known them have retarded, the growth of human enlightenment on this planet and has brought us to this very moment of potential echo side. And so it may very well be when I talk about you know, when you get to the metaphor of your doctor just told you you have a potentially terminal disease and that disease I would add is a fixing a attachment to the past the past. I would contend to you and all of its religions and political systems, whatever socialism capitalism, all of it has to be dropped. And redefined or we're not going to make it. I believe..

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