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Normal. Like a fan, like I am, and I enjoyed it. And so I found myself not fast forwarding it very, very often. It's just fun to watch man. It's fun to watch. Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned next week. We're coming your way for another exciting edition of grilling JR, and it's ask JR anything. Go join the conversation right now on Twitter at JR grilling. We'll see you next week right here. On grill and JR, with the voice of wrestling, mister Jim Ross. And Connie, I love those cheeks. They're getting more luscious and supple every week. My God. So it's good. That's the mission Barnett to see you Conrad. He loves you. You know he does. But there's a lot of you love brother. And we love him back. Yes, right, exactly. All right, focus thanks a lot for joining us and our crazy completely ad libbed unrehearsed unscripted show. And we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy regular to you. So have a great week. Do something nice or somebody. You will feel better by doing so. I promise. Conspiracy theories. Aliens, paranormal, Bigfoot, UFOs, just some of the things they talk about on theories of the third kind. Could it be that D. B. Cooper never even existed, the crew made him up to get cash and then split it between one another, only to learn that cash was traced by the FBI. So they threw the cash away into the river, our oceans, so it couldn't be found. It's just a theory. Theories of the third kind. Listen wherever you get your podcasts..

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