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Four storm still on its way to the coast of the Carolinas and Virginia Duke Energy, Florida, sending resources to support the storm response north and South Carolina. They tell us they're leaving early tomorrow morning for the Carolinas. Over Volusia homeowner and Edgewater. Fires shots at an intruder prompting lockdowns at two nearby schools the shooting happened on India palm driver. India palm drive putting Indian river and Edgewater elementary schools on lockdown as a precaution. Those lockdowns were lifted everyone is okay, I checked on that another court day for accused murderer and cop killer Markeith Loyd. Today's hearing focused on a motion to drop the death penalty, Markeith Loyd case, as you may know state attorney Aramis Ayala was removed from prosecuting Lloyd by governor Rick Scott that after she said her office wouldn't seek the death penalty in any case. She sued him in lost. Here's what Lloyd's attorney argued today in court about that decision. I think it's wrong for the governor's office to have the power to step in and saying they don't agree with a sitting state attorney, duly elected state attorneys determinations after hearing both sides judge Frederick Lawton meet his ruling I'm going to deny the motion to strike the death penalty. Notice in this case. Loyd will face separate trials next year for his crimes Ray, computer is ninety six point five WDBO the Orange County property appraiser says he's fighting the largest employer in the area to make sure that DisneyWorld pays its fair share of taxes back in July. A judge will that the county should reimburse Disney some one point two million dollars. But Rick sink says Disney low balled the value of its yacht and beach club, and he is appealing. All right. What do you think beard or no beard to huge debate? Gotta get to this one Alex trebek's launches the new season of jeopardy with facial hair..

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