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Myself and you know people in my life in a different more compassionate way i feel like you're an actor like do you do things in the same that you then go talk to your therapist about not not in real time but yeah i think it will presumably this isn't on sat right i should get that in my contract for the next one you're a movie star star now gillian let's make this happen for you be amazing if you have on sets trailer and the trailer has shays lounge in it that would make so much easier yeah i mean especially they wrote this episode with mickey's father and not knowing anything about my father in real life or not realizing how closely they had written that character to my father certain differences but that for one was a very yuri feeling being at the table read and as we're reading the episode out loud i'm reading out loud in front of people for the first time realizing they've they've written version of my dad without realizing it you know my dad has passed away so he's no longer living in you know so it was kind of like having weird last interaction with my father and some kind of strange way even though it's television and it's another actor and i'm wearing a costume and it's not me but yeah i just remember really hit me because how close he was to my dad's saying i love you dad on the show and realizing like i can never say that again in real life that was yeah more profound than i thought it would be similar about the character in your life father well my dad had a lot of like business schemes that never really went anywhere like the character on the show he was a person you know who i think struggled with substances and never really got help for it and.

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