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State's total now more than one hundred health experts are continuing to bang the drum on best practices for avoiding corona virus Dr Steven Cobb with a century Denver keeping us six feet of distance between you and another person can be protective from droplets that are sneezed or coughed into it into the air and experts continue to emphasize the importance of people who are not feeling well staying home finally a woman in crested Butte has tested positive Lisa Merck says she began feeling badly as she and her husband were returning from a trip to Hawaii she says it really kicked in when she got home to crested Butte my muscles ached in my joints ached really bad it felt like somebody was like stabbing me with an ice pick Merck says she got a positive test result mid week last week she's been in isolation with her husband and says she is beginning to feel better next update at twelve thirty David Kay okay way newsradio eight fifty AM at ninety four one on FM well nothing but good news for your drive up and down the up front range right now we put that earlier crash I. twenty five northbound at the Loveland exit highway thirty four traffic is getting back to normal we still have some delays in the area there are twenty five though north and south bound through Denver wide open clear green and good to go no problems on I. seventy east and westbound through town we've cleared one crash at Park Avenue west end Blake street fox thirty one pinpoint weather partly cloudy high today in the mid fifties and overnight low near thirty five back to work Monday mostly sunny with a high near sixty.

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