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Point one FM. Four thirty five. Jeff cads, NewsRadio W R V A. It is a Monday afternoon. Some interesting new stuff coming along in the in the entertainment world. Some new movies and television shows that might be worth watching by the way last man standing as done phenomenally well in its first two episodes back. Our pal. Jason Nathanson, ABC news, of course, has has the great duty. God he gets to sit around and watch television movies. And then tell the rest of us what we should or should not watch. What a gig Jason. Thank you for being here. It is pretty fantastic to be me. Well, well, and I like the the modesty is. Well, yes, it is good to be you. So so bring with you don't know tell me tell me, what should I be on the lookout for my friend? Oh. I I was not prepared for that question. What's oh, come on? Now. Seriously. What's at the movie theater right now that I absolutely should see or shouldn't see while a star is born is very good. That's that was second place at the box office this weekend that stars lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the remake of the store that we've seen this is. I think the fourth version now, okay? Of a star is born and lady Gaga is fantastic. As a kind of down and outs singer who's trying to make it and just can't seem to get a break in Bradley Cooper comes along. His character is a singer a kind of a rock star who is on the other end of his career where he's had all the fame and all the fortune. And and now he's just drinking too much and is hearing shot, and he kinda finds a musician lady Gaga character and Bradley Cooper directed this film in his. First of all to direct and act in it. You know is a very tough thing to do. But he just transformed himself and he's fantastic. He's gonna get an Oscar nomination for. Sure real. Yeah. I believe she probably will is well summer saying there's many as nine Oscar nominations coming for this film kazoo original music as well. Possibly directing for Bradley Cooper. It's pretty much got it. All now, the reviews have been over the top glow. Glowing. I don't agree with those. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I'm not gonna say that I loved it. There are some major problems. I had with it specifically towards the end, which you know, I don't want to get into without spoiling things, but it is an enjoyable time at the movies any any cameos by Barbra, Streisand or Kris Kristofferson or anything like that. No Barbra, Streisand is not in it. Unless that Dave Chapelle cameo was actually. I believe it was. Exit supporting roles in it. Or are a lot of fun is. Okay. But I think us Andrew dice. Clay plays lady got his dad, and he's fantastic. And Sam Elliott also stars as Bradley Cooper's brother. He's also really really good as well. And it's a very emotional film. Maybe a little too much. So it's it's a little manipulative. But I'll I'll tell you at the screening that I saw every I'm gonna say most it was mostly women. But most of the women came out of it with tears streaming down their faces. We're talking snot bubble type crying. Oh my gosh. Emotional at the end is that because Andrew dice clay does something touching now. Never mind. I I don't even know why I ask that forget it. Forget it. Sorry. I didn't even although I got news for Tyson actually his series on Showtime, which was widely two seasons. I thought I mean, he's playing dice, of course. But I think he's he's a little bit smarter and a little bit more gifted than most people give him credit for I think one hundred percent, but you know, he painted himself into a corner with his persona. Yeah. And it's it's hard to break out or something like that. But you know, when when he wants to turn it on. And he's he's he's charming and lovable. You know? He's not he's definitely not the dice that we know and love from the comedy world. All right now, tell me a little bit. So let's get back to the world of television here last two weeks in a row last man standing is back. It's at the top of the the network ratings for that night. Do you see that as something that is sustainable? Yeah. Definitely. I mean, there's not a whole lot of competition. Friday nights, are are not something that most networks are really heavily programming. Although ABC has some stuff with their they brought back TV eye, Friday, or TGIF and and comedy blocked. They're going up against so you know, last man standing doing. Well, I think I think it's you know, people like it. They want to support it the numbers dipped a little bit this week, but still doing well. All right. All right. Very good. And let me ask you also about some of the other stuff that we're we're getting ready to see the Walking Dead came back. I guess it was last night. And I gotta be honest with I had written it off. I think we talked about last season. I would just that was it. They were pardoned they were dead to me. But this is Rick's last season. Right. Right. Yeah. So is it worth getting back into it? Or no. I I've heard from people that if he if you skipped out on the last couple of seasons because a lot of people I think feel the same way that you did I never got into it. So it wasn't anything that I was really watching her. You know, it's one of those things I I know a lot of people are watching it. But I for me, it's just it's the same thing over and over again. But but people say this season if you're gonna come back this is the season to do it. 'cause if you wanna watch the the end of his character some other things going on as well. This is the time to come back if you're gonna all right? And then tonight is this the final the final episode of better call Saul for the season it is. Yeah. And that's been a very good a little slow burning. Maybe not my favorite of the seasons. But I have the past couple episodes. They've really kind of ramp things up. I know I see. And I really like where it's going. I think they throw us for a loop in in. How we you know, we're on this journey. How you comes saw Goodman how he goes from Jimmy McGill to saw Goodman, and we thought it was going to have to do at least they were there showing throughout the previous seasons in episodes. That is going to have something to do with his girlfriend, and then she was probably gonna leave. But they they throw a nice little wrench in there that she likes the scam. Again, I I love her even more. Now, Jason there's just something very very naughty about her and love her. But you know, what it means though? She's on Jimmy side. He's something bad. Something really bad is going to have to happen for him to turn to the dark side. That's true. What do you think that's going to be? It's gonna it's gonna involve her. So you know as much as you love her. I wouldn't get too attached. Don't know anything not that. I know really o. The way these things go. Yeah. Order for him to go full dark in order for him to break bad to really break bad. You know, something that something terrible's going to have to happen to somebody that he loves because we saw monopoly. Chalk brother, you know. But he didn't love Chuck Chuck was jerk. Exactly. That's the person that. He does love that's going to be the catalyst. Oh, no chasing. Is that tonight? I I don't think I don't think that's gonna happen. All right. I don't think it's gonna have to go around like this evening after the show have to go, and you know, start covering up mirrors and tearing my clothing 'cause poor Kim Wexler. I hope not I hope tonight's not the night. But you never going to happen. I would think with usually those things happen in the in the second to last episode of the season. Not in the last ones. I think you're good. Okay. Good. Now, finally, Taylor swift. Listen, I never asked Taylor swift for her political opinion. I didn't care if she had a political opinion. My question is for somebody who is a mega mega star is. She is do or do you not do Samatha go. You know, what whichever way I go. I'm gonna piss off half of my listeners better for me to shut up sing my songs sell. My my my music and move on with life her calculation for the past ten years or however long she's been a big star, which it's been about that long. And she's been the one who hasn't while? The others have lady Gaga, Katy Perry all the rest of have you know, that giving you their opinions politically, and I think their sales have suffered because of it not that we really had were out of question where lady. A guy or a Katy Perry might stand. Right. But they've all done that Taylor swift has been the lone holdout, and now she's giving her her opinion on politics. And you know, it's been rough out there. If you're watching the tweets, you know, people are really taking our task a lot of people are supporting her as well, but she just ended her tour. So she doesn't have to sell tickets anymore. Another record coming out. It might be a year might be two years who knows? So she has some time there. I don't know if the fans will leave her, but that'll be the real test to see if they remember when that new record comes out whether or not that actually hurts her. But as you know, a lot of people will say a lot of people, you know, whether you're famous or not now is the time that's very divisive, and and people feel very strongly about politics, and they feel they have an obligation to speak up. Whether it depends if it doesn't matter what side they just now is the time where they feel the need to speak up. And apparently, she felt that meets. All right. Well, I've still got Kim Wexler at least for sixty more minutes. All right. Jason I appreciate it by friend. That's Jason Nathanson. ABC news love checking in with Jason seriously, just to take a little a little turn from all of the the political stuff and all the other Michigan's for a couple of moments of them. Some good stuff tonight is the the season finale for better call Saul. I cannot believe it's been ten episodes already. You know, what else I discovered over the weekend? And I realized I didn't well. It's new to me other people have been watching it for the last couple of years. The good place not a bad show. Not a bad show at all. Really? It's it's one of those that I thought I know my brother had been watching and he said, oh, you should. You should take a look at this. I don't know. I'm pretty well filled up on my television roster, and I did and I liked that Kristen bell. All right. I can I can watch. And I yesterday just sort of took a deep dive into season one not a bad show at all. Hey, coming up half hour from now, I want to give you a chance to win a pair of tickets for politics and pints. Remember that happens on Thursday, October the eighteen Thursday October the eighteenth. You'll be able to join me and John Reid down to capitol ale house downtown we're going to get together. We'll have a beverage. We'll have a national talk a little bit about the political stuff, by the way. If you wanna talk about non-political stuff, God that would be so much more fun, wouldn't it? Yes. Yes. Would we could? We could talk about the final episode of better call Saul or. A good place. Don't don't tell me. How it ends don't. All right. It is four Forty-six Jeff Katz. Newsradio WNBA their hope is.

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