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That off the top of your head? That's amazing and disturbing. That's exactly what it's from. For me. Very nostalgic. Wait. So this song is from Chevy Chase Movie Man of the House with Jonathan Taylor Thomas legendary My favorite actors. That's where I know this song from immediately and I think it's at the end, too, and Farrah Fawcett finally marries Chevy Chase and Jonathan Taylor Thomas finally was turned around on Chevy because he thought Chevy was just a prick. Dad be full time in Chevy became his stepfather, like stepping into his life became the leader of it's like scouts. They bonded. Now you give me the plot of this film. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Chevy Chase is trying to bang Farrah Fawcett. He's like, you know her. That's his Chevy Chase's Fair faucets. Boyfriend, Okay, They make the decision for Chevy Chase to move in with Sarah and her son. Her son being Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the man of the house. Yeah. Which at first it just goes terribly wrong, because he doesn't want any other dude in his home. He clears out all of his stuff from the bathroom. He tries to make this big fancy breakfast for him. Jonathan Taylor. Thomas is not in the mood for because he just made his mom just prefer some fruit and yogurt in the morning, and they're like picking sea shells together. Exactly. So he's kind of feeling pushed out so that Chevy wants to try and make a you know an attempt to be close to the TV, so he joined this group with him where it's like. I know what it was like a native American group like all that, like, kind of like Boy scouts, but it's like you learn about Native Americans. And you all pick your own like Native American names. OK, take even one step further. Johnson. Jonathan Taylor Thomas wasn't interested in actually doing this group. It was like he was making fun of. Yeah, he wanted to just annoy his his Chevy Chase. You want to know how far he could push him to give up on him and his mom best friend, and then Chevy Chase buys in fully to the group, and they're out there like doing They've got this scene drew that if it doesn't just make you feel good when Chevy and J t or learning a rain dance.

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