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My new room. Who are your apartment. And that's right. Yeah I have an additional room because my roommate bailed on me and now we have a rent freeze so I'm not going to be paying rent until twenty twenty two. What do you mean now? We have a rent freeze. Line almost talking. Oh Jeff don't safe as talking. They're saying I think past actually Did you see his nipple rings? Quick whispers more young CUOMO CUOMO HAS NIPPLE RINGS. Wow so cool. That could've makes me Kim. Lot more than I don't know why I like him. So that just shows a loser site to him you know how do we know about the Nipple Rings? 'cause he wore a light a t shirt that showed it like yesterday really rich. We'll put it on the visuals. Sound off if you earn nipple rings or not into neighbouring when they're unexpected. I am when they're expected. I'm not interesting. I know exactly what you mean David. You're really speaking modeling today. Ling speaks six okay so I think that this is a brilliant idea so basically it's like it. Are there glasses involved that there's involved here? I you know if your eyes could see them. Your eyes would be able to see them. You know right so maybe it could even be like a Qr code is good but like maybe you are attack it's not you know a Qr Code. This is a whole new coding algorithms and whatnot. That like it could be something. In the actual panel itself could be the product could be like the glasses paired with a panel of black panel itself. That's like you put older handles in the TV. We're we're embedding that panel tech into the TV. Everyone's going to have that. Tv WILL WE USE That's actually not a bad idea. To Be Honest Jones. Yeah some type of obviously mine is the the more futuristic version But I think panels and bad similar to a whole lot of bankers have those screens on their computer. Where you can't see from the side was thinking I was also thinking about that is why a lot of bankers will have that are like an. Hr person would have right right darker and come with the glasses that that's a good pivot. Honor that's actually a great pivot. Stay in Los Angeles. So are you looking at this? Things in your. There's a screen in the glasses. Well the glasses were to pick up the code but perhaps now that if we have a panel And it's directed at the right angle. Perhaps we can figure out a way to sorta cheat the system right. So which is it? It's GonNa be Balked Jeff. I'm running companies that will compete against each other owned by the same person which will allow competitors to think that the industry is a bit more saturated Like that it's very cool. Actually GonNa send it around the horn. L. Have the chef a tugboat. Give me one tug for yes two tugs for yes and yes.

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