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So she was able to get out and she was on the floor and we were there trying to help her all esta pinon is with the miami dade fire department our units responded to find eight trapped vehicles under the bridge at this time we've transported eight victims the hospitals w f o r tv's rick full bob the initial report is that the cars were stopped at a red light when the pedestrian bridge collapsed that there were no warning signs and it looks as though the bridge just came down it was not to be put in use for pedestrians till next year federal safety investigators will be on the scene cbs transportation safety analyst mark rosen kerr is a former ntsb chairman they'll be looking very carefully at the design drawings and to try to see if in fact there had been validation ahead of time before they had begun to make construction from these designs the trump organization has been ordered by the special counsel robert muller to turn over documents some of those may have a connection to russia and says cbs cbs's jeff gays by requesting the documents suggest that they are looking for emails docu perhaps pertaining to some of the moscow deals that were talked about during really the end of two thousand fifteen and the first few months or few weeks of two thousand sixteen statement the trump organization responded saying this is old news in our assistance and cooperation with the various investigations remains the same today late word a us military haircut aircraft likely a helicopter has crashed in western iraq several people aboard u s officials say it's likely that there are taliban marriage of the president's son donald trump junior is breaking up his wife and nasa filed for divorce today in new york city and uncontested proceeding that means there might not be a battle over assets custody of the couple's five children on wall street the dow gained one hundred fifteen the nasdaq was down fifteen now this capital one used card lock to instantly lock your capital one credit card what's in your wallet offered by capital one bank usa na copyright two thousand eighteen no word in the english language is less convincing than.

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