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All out and you can any of the programs you can enter much you want these are once in a lifetime experiences and again that code ads doubles your chances and even if you don't win it is all good 'cause hey max van when you're done with this visited can we post it make me mount of it or something just public sector private sector yeah the tax behind it pretty pretty easy what is it what well don't don't do anything he scares me i was i walk back and forth from warehouse to warehouse so as you know i would say it's about two hundred yards between these two warehouse and i go back and forth all time every once in a while walk back and forth every once in a while like hanger myself by going backside picking cars just for me no now walk in at street going backside why don't you go back side or cash traffic over there he's not that much further is it a little out of the way and no reason to do it but i will hair i go walk there bush brush i mean walk around the street that goes down the side of the freeway and i did notice something the other day that i hadn't noticed oh oh mainly toilets and literally toy people off the freeway so crazy now they throw it folks that are doing construction dump it there instead of paying to go to the so it's free dump it there the city hasn't done that math i've done the man the poor illegal that's doing the bathroom remodel yeah you're gonna charge them one hundred bucks ago the dump he's just going to go on this back street right sunday night at eight o'clock and ten o'clock and just dump it job creating a love johnny on the spot yeah always they never do so but i did happen to notice what and max pat i know if you want to run this thing backwards or not or maybe maybe a can't but i did notice that somebody had bought the industrial park slash big old warehouse which which sort of ended at the edge of town and i thought this sharp contrast between the landscaping and this guy's property and what the cities in charles and so i filmed that.

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