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To create access for more women to get funding. His it is harder for women to get funding. Have been some of the people that are involved in that in here in Australia. Some of the investors as well so I. I know that it is available here too strongly so so I think it's great initiative for any Young Entrepreneurial Doesn't even look is entrepreneurial females at looking to make some great connections. Anyway unifed I get the funding absolutely in one of the fastest growing demographic certainly in Canada for businesses starting up is Individuals women and men over fifty. So there's a lot of movement there where people are kind of going in their third act into something new where they might have had a corporate career for that earlier years to tell us about the work. You do with entrepreneurs because you go to the fitness coach but sort of a business coach in that sense to talk about them. The physician what they doing So for me. It's really a privilege to get to work with them. My work with entrepreneurs men and women across all different industries because of my experience my style. I'm really direct. I have the ability to adjust my style depending on the sophistication of the client so I have a lot of success and I work with a lot of couples. Actually who have maybe oil change shop? It got a body shop each dock business. All kinds of things like that may be There I worked with a lot of service providers Pretty much any industry can think of in so it really is at a coaching mandates. Not Consulting. I'm not going away from them in doing things on my own. It's really about the transfer of knowledge from me to them so it starts within assessment of their financial performance of what your statements tell me as an independent person looking at them. Who doesn't know what's going on Here's what the numbers tell me. Is that how you feel? Is that how you feel? It's going teach them how to to be able to speak that language and then we planned for in forecast cash flow because cash flow is the lifeblood of any business especially when she wanted to grow Growth is very hungry requires cash to fuel it and we work through the pricing in the costing to make sure that they're actually being profitable on the products and services. They sell in my experience. I worked with them entrepreneurs who have sales in the six to seven figure range and so the majority are not making consistently prophets on what they do and Quite a large portion of them are not even getting paid so try to remedy all of those things and Some of the intangibles that come from that Nice. It is a transformation that happens. Financial Acumen goes up. Confidence goes up their ability to converse with their bookkeeper accountant. Financial Planner banker all increases in. You've been had entrepreneurs telling me that. They felt like they were now. Legitimate business people who could go to like the board of Trade. Who could go to other gatherings of with entrepreneurs and felt legitimate now not like they were. Kinda masquerading as entrepreneur before. But we've talked about. Money is so emotional it's intertwined in our lives since for kids end so those feelings that you start off in your life with them they always stay with you and if you've been afraid had challenges with money that comes through when you have your businesses wall is the you mentioned the motions around money. I'd like to explore that a little bit depot. And what are some of the mistakes that you see The small businesses. Doing that. So that you see over and over again and so I if they're not charging enough right off the Bat. So they're they feel apprehensive to ask for that whatever that higher price point is and it's because they're they're keeping it based on their feelings versus maybe going out and doing a scan of the market in wetter other people doing the reason they're also doing it is because they don't know their costs that go into delivering that product or service Secondly not getting paid. I don't think anybody starts a business in their mind thinking they're not going to get paid on but when that doesn't happen than there consistently transferring between a personal business accounts to keep cash flow moving around. They may be letting down family members because they promised. Hey we're going to go on these occasions or we're going to do these things in that makes it challenging And then the other thing is not really asking for help and Kind of advocating their responsibility and accountability to some third party. Whether it be a bookkeeper or accountant. I'm all for seeking the advice of professionals. So I think you don't need do your own bookkeeping. You should have an accountant. But you can't outsource the responsibility for who analyzes those numbers in who makes decisions with them So I want in more entrepreneurs to be able to do that. If you're thinking about the this into the psychology sought against the the head space Tell us about some of the things that you're saying but also and how you can help people with the way that way. It can be very clear that this is what you need to do yet. There's some blockage owes something going on in the behaviors. Doug necessarily reflect what's supposed to happen absolutely so just to give you a reference point out because I did a lot of volunteer work with Youth. A five year old girl told me that money was evil. She probably didn't know what money actually was about. Whatever happened in her house made her feel that it was evil so those feelings are going to stay with her her whole life so fast forward now in her twenties maybe thirty starting her business now. She's got this evil money that she has to contend with and so people have one of two mindsets when they think about money one is scarcity. Which is the majority of the population? So nobody's there on their own feeling like there's not going to be enough freezer if you get something that means. I'm not going to have something. It's zero sum game. I'm going to be jealous of people who have things that I don't have a goes on and on and on in affects how you make decisions The other small percentage of the population feels like things are possible. If I create something that I will be able to generate more wealth than there's this abundance healing in so depending where you are I think for step is just to observe where am I and It's GonNa take a little bit of time to change so you'd better just observe. Hey every time I get a bill I get a pit in my stomach that's interesting. Why is that happening? Okay what should I do about? It is kind of the next step in. There's a couple of things you can do overtime. It small repeated behaviors that can eventually change your mindset so the first Israeli to practice gratitude for the things that you have in your life and it might sound silly but it does actually works so I was able to get bed. Today I had hot water was able to have a shower. I had food and had breakfast a place to live and so on from there. You think about the people you surround yourself with I'm sure you've.

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