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Tapes stoppable left circle put it over to Kane. Top of the right? He moves into the high slot in fires blocked by Carlson. Keith got the rebound at the base of the left, circle and fired. And that at the side of the capitol neck, Michael company, moving the puck up the left wing Ovechkin at center ice. The Tom Wilson coming by over the hawk line toback from bar now Wilson. From Alex basket. Moving toward the hawk. Through the circle that's contract. The shot in the high slot and found Wilson careening flexing one nothing capitalist fifty four seconds into the game. This is just an excellent play. Blackhawks had tomorrow -fensive zone time. Moved the puck around had a couple opportunities to get some shots towards the goaltender. Didn't do it. All of a sudden, the Washington Capitals come down and just an excellent three way passing play. Tom wilson. Steamrolls over top of Corey Crawford after picking up a second goal of the seasons got six points, and this is only as fifth game. So good start to the Washington Capitals. After some disappointment for the Blackhawks, and controlling that shift until the Washington Capitals able to get a breakout here in boy just an excellent play all around for the capital to score that goal. So Wilson second from Ovechkin and Backstrom fifty four seconds into the hockey game. One nothing favor. The caps in the hawk zone in the far corner. Eric gusts and moves the puck and head Artem Anisimov passing at center ice daleks debrincat, put it across the rink Henry Yopie higher Capitoline right wing will spin it down in behind the capital net. Biscuit, Matt Niskanen grabs the puck their lose it out. Here's Dmitri Orlov to center ice front of the Venice crossing the hawk line down the right wing to the corner. Fed back to LARs Eller who put it in front of the crease makeup piranha came in to get a shot away. That's turned wide by Crawford. Then Alex debrincat will pits. The puck down ice. Center the capitals on Madison Bowie handling along the near side boards over the Orlov camps line right way and the rink white passed on Roeber Kaczynski through center ice hotline down the left wing side. He fires and this deflects up into the protective netting. We're gonna whistle stopping play tool. Three end of the hockey game. Nothing caps. Face off circle. The Corey Crawford. Right. Got to do a better job at defending down the wing. He's got to step in and take the body. Just get in the way, you might get run over. But you can't just throw your stick out there and hope to poke it away there. That's a good opportunity for the Washington Capitals. Already up one nothing draw one by the hawks. Here's Alexandra fourteen grabbing the puck skating ahead with it the center ice, and they're going to say that he didn't clear the Red Stripe. We're going to get a penalty here tripping. Call against the Washington Capitals. This is gonna be to Travis Boyd did that played his college. Hockey, the university of Minnesota you'll go down to for tripping every goal scored by Jonathan tasers. Patrick Kane is sponsored by chevydriveschicago dot com. Log on right now near to win two seats on the glass for the December twenty seventh game. Take your best shot face off comes into the neutral zone because the Blackhawks at an icy cold gore against them. A little bit of confusion. There's Blackhawks thinking it should have been inside. But the correct call is to have it in the neutral zone. The whistle was blown for the icing rather than touching it up for the Washington Capitals for the Blackhawks on his citgo fueling good power Ferdie overall on the road for the Blackhawks only three of twenty nine. On the road from the draw the capitals get the puck Matt Niskanen in the capital zone about ten feet inside his wine drives the puck up the right wing side and down into the hawk zone. Puck is played by Keith to the right side boards to Seabrook. He'll drop it back in behind the net. Duncan Keith and he'll carry out between the circles to the hawk blue line drops it back in the hawk zone. Page will bring it to center ice give it a schmaltz on the right wing of center ice Kane over the capital line down the right wing tried to hand the puck down to the corner. That's batted away by LARs Eller over the nicotine, and he'll clear it off the left wing glass and down one twenty on the hawks power play. Gotta get some offensive zone time here. This delayed breakout. Dropping the puck back. It's. Jonathan Teijin small K not going back on this power play unit. He's gonna stay up front page to Seabrook over the cap line left wing to the left point to Keith put it across to Kane along the right boards. He tried to flip the puck into the.

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