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And I remember this 'cause I hurt your feelings that night. You were talking about the race and you were like, oh, I think, you know, you didn't win. And you were like, oh, you know, but I did this well. And I was like, that doesn't matter. Like you didn't win. And you were just like, what? And I was like, I can't take someone that brags about themselves or thinks that they're good when they're not. And I remember saying that, and you were just like, oh, okay. And I think you were just literally trying to explain to me that it wasn't all bad. What happened or whatever? Yeah, yeah. But I took it as like, oh no, he can't think that he's good when he's not. So I took it upon myself to tell you. Geez. And so at this point, had I had finished college? No, no, no. You were still in rock killed then. You didn't even go. You hadn't even been to Marcel yet. Okay, all right. I think that's when there's a big turning point. Okay. And so what we're talking about is essentially I met Casey and right before I left to go to Mars hill where I had an opportunity to raise for the Mars hill university cycling team. And I thought that was next level. And I thought it was going to be a game changer. And it was, it was a great experience and I learned a lot racing collegiately and everything and that was that was a life goal of mine was to win a collegiate national championship and to do all these other things. But yeah, so I guess when did you when was the point that you saw the turning point of you as a cyclist? Yeah, 'cause I think what if I was like there hasn't been that much. Well, I think when we met, I think I always thought of myself as a professional athlete. Which is funny because now I don't really think of myself as a professional athlete. But back then, I was a cat for all I did was raise my bike. So I just assumed that I was a party and then you raced your bike on the weekend, let's clarify. Okay, yeah, but you see what I'm saying. So I just assumed that I was a professional. Right. Professional cyclists. Yeah, 'cause you lived like rockstar rockstar lifestyle. Yeah. In your mind. And I would race all the races and do all the stuff. And okay, I think Marcel actually was really good for you as far as the discipline aspect went because when you were in Rock Hill, you could do it as a hobby, like it was still just a hobby. And then when you actually went to college to do that, I think maybe the gravity of the situation kind of meant something to you then because you were there to do something. And I remember you were like pretty lonely at martel a lot. Yeah. And you were just there basically to ride your bike. Well, everybody was a lot younger than me too. Yes, yeah. You went into like as a you were like.

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