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At the off ramp their office, southbound ninety nine you can no longer use that or getting onto northbound ninety nine at Royal Brome. So anybody that's coming off of I ninety basically that takes the bridge trying to get into the downtown corridor will not be able to do that the closest the way that you can get onto ninety nine is either driving through town in pioneer square or you're going to have to go as far south as I've just outside of the industrial area. Hudson street to get onto ninety nine but coming this Friday, you're no longer be able to use ninety nine in itself. So what is your prediction because I talked to some people that are working kind of at the control paddles, and they say, wow, you know, this is going to be over one hundred thousand cars that usually take this route, and it's going to be very very difficult, and this is going to change some people's lives in the way, they commute to work forever. Yes. Can change your life forever. I don't know about you guys. But I take the viaduct every day. Oh, you do. Okay. Every day if not two or three times a day. So again, I have to find new ways to get here to east lake to find you know, for for work. So I had been testing alternate routes. I've I've gone as far as looking into transit, however transit just doesn't work with my schedule because I'm here so late and nothing really runs late especially to where I am at southeast King County. So again, I have to find new ways and new creative ways to get into the downtown quarter. They say that this is going to push back all the way to places like woodinville believe absolutely how I see it. And I think people are really underestimating a what this is going to do. I mean, you may think that you're not going to be impacted by this. This is going to do a ripple effect. It's going to come into the surface streets. It'll come into your neighborhood. It'll come into your neighborhood. We are going to see gridlock in the city. Imagine fish truck every single day. I'm not joking. Well, Ron how are you prepared for this? Because your your live ahead in your living in a different part of the Puget Sound. I'm down in Nigeria and west Seattle right center area now. And so I've been thinking about that today. Actually, did I did what Tracy's doing I'm doing some testing. There's a way where you can sorta come as if you're gonna go onto ninety nine that's where normally go, and then you can get over the ship. Can you can go over to I five or you can go down by the airport and try to get up that way. But that boy that gets squirrelly in the daytime because the geniuses of washed I've talked about for years. One lands always good enough in one of the fastest growing communities in the world. So you have one lane.

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