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Of does a podcast czar musicals scene director I'll tell you that and you produce the John Williams show what's a podcast called a it's our your blog yeah it's radio Ellis. easy to remember. in this now we're talking about customs and a lot of them come from other countries and then there's one from Turkey it is a superstitions from all over the world yeah yeah in Turkey is involved in nice no to from Turkey in fact chewing gum at night is apparently the equivalent of chewing on the flesh of the dead have you ever heard of that I know and okay what's the other the other one is another thing you shouldn't do in Turkey you shouldn't jump over a child because doing this whole curse them to be short for ever this doesn't surprise me but I haven't heard of either of those is there some credit a lot of short Turkish. yeah well maybe that explains it had to do something trying to figure out a way to explain it. do you have any customs or superstitions yeah you're not supposed to hand the knife or scissors some something sharp to someone because it'll this such as Turkey that's a lot of that that's almost everywhere when you when you have turned around you're still holds the sharp turn around you're supposed to put on the table and then they take it up yeah because then that means if you do handed over it if I handed over to can by hand then we get in a fight later argument for that over anything anything over anything to the real housewives past nice to each other that might explain it a sense yeah you put it down and then you pick it up at your own risk L. if as you were growing up there if you were to put if you were to do it that way if you were just hand Kim some scissors would somebody scold you would somebody say you know the rule you yeah that they would my mom does she was never hand and eye when we're cooking together she always puts it down yeah I make sense thirty some of these come from common sense right don't you think does your mom jump over children. or to come at night he didn't jump over me and my sister. all right to back in the day you know that that's kind of dangerous things so you know if you tell your kids like something's bad bad is gonna happen then they'll obey the rules a little right yeah my mom told me that I would get warms if I kept looking in the mirror as much as I did Hey I never stop looking in the mirror right but she just was trying to say you know people take you as being vain don't look in the mirror so much right the getting worse in the stomach part was pretty clean what was the one of a if you were chewing gum in bed and when your sleep something would have would you get butterflies in your stomach or something else just followed a chance it might stay in your body are ever yeah within your forever I love you and another one I know you got to go get channel yeah girl if you bite your nails a tree will grow inside you I never heard that did you run yeah and look at my name right. what works for you. okay thanks for women listening I want to throw this out there because women in ancient Britain often kept acorns in their pockets to ensure a youthful complexion so this fall I'm gonna look for an oak trim and find an acorn and I put in my bra pick up on something as long as you're at it I got one for me to all right I can't hurt us right. and don't lie your purse on the floor in Brazil putting your purse or wallet on the floor means you'll become penniless so even if you pack your whole closet in the tow you better keep it off the tile. maybe I'm too analytical but if I grew up in any parts of the world where these were prominent I would demand to know the correlation because the that's the part that they often leave out yeah well the floor again I think they make stuff up to to scare you not to do it so it has come in sense thing but they throw in the us when you just grow up with the years take it for granted may now like act yeah and I guess I got to go out the same guard came in yeah although I have to tell you the whole pursing I have a friend who like really freaks out if I put my purse on their table because think about where you're at and from a germ stand by Adam the floor in the bathroom is this is pre hooks now they usually have hooks we hang up but still it's rubbed up against the door yes you know if you're sitting at dinner they tell you not to hang your purse on the back because somebody else. so you put it on the floor I mean think about how dirty the bottom of your purses. but it doesn't mean you'll go broken be penniless what you have to buy a new person a pretty expensive the expense and we all know about Friday the thirteenth right which were just number thirteen. I might expect bad things to happen on some level we also commonly fair six six six the devil's number or number of the beast right but did you know that in China the number four is feared because it sounds very close to the Chinese word for death and it's not Friday the thirteenth a dalliance a Tallien strad it's Friday the seventeenth no explanation here they're always a little later time. yeah. is it funny keeping so many apartments the apartment that my grandmother had didn't have a thirteenth floor the people who live at fourteen have to know that they're the third right don't pay yeah and a lot of commercial airliners also don't have the thirteen to rattle but guess what people in row fourteen it's irritating right. many south Koreans also do not sleep with fans running in closed rooms if they do it's believed to be fatal I couldn't sleep I couldn't either without one you mean yeah yeah. yes although ours is pretty rickety lately it I think it needs to be tightened so it might be like a a propeller falling on my head one of these days some talking to a lawyer to sleep knock on wood yeah people do that all the time it's one of the most prevalent superstitions people talk about it even as an atheist and self proclaimed skeptic this person who did the article I could housekeeping still sees himself falling into the tendency of thinking coincidences are meaningful or that certain events were meant to happen believe it or not he still knocks on what I knock on wood I do too and I'm not a you know I know it's about knocking on the cross is that what it is I don't even know that I didn't know that either yeah we know nothing that's why that's what I thought it was because the Wilbur with the white Sox pitcher. look at this you imagine what unites everyone because we all grew up differently yeah yeah we all know the sand right yeah that's true well except the chewing gum at night is like you're eating out of somebody's body yeah that's a little that's that's a little much. all right those are all I have those are good when you put your winner I think is. yes no question that's your hands down winner all right so let's think of it another way I was craving steak with Michael my first pregnancy I had I not given in to stake he would add a cow head he probably would have yeah that's a load of Pooh poohed you still love them. is your child you can't not love them ideas. a butter and jelly what does that mean my K. would've been a peanut. the monocle and. right. I would actually be pretty cool I. that would be excellent what about my second pregnancy when it was baloney that's tough he looked like Joe Bologna yeah the after double in there that would that would be I tell dean's veggie dip for Alan look like eighteen Richards. crave potato chips and catch up. interesting. Orville none that night. who is the potato chip guy when we were growing up I what exactly. days to hatch of commercials Avery Schreiber dead on with that with a crunch who is mistaken I bet a lot for buddy Hackett there maybe that's why it was a but he hated to guys in their potato chip guy when we were kids traffic will know where you live but we had a milkman. we had a potato chip delivery guy Charles de we had a that was the that's we we had that earlier is not man and we had the Charles chips delivery guy he would bring potato chips to your house yes in a huge can any also dead pretzels and other things yes it was a company that's outstanding yeah it was a they don't have that anymore not that I know but that the chips were delicious and they were in these two manga scans that's out I had no idea such a thing existed things happen Louisville. no I'm sorry I didn't all right Kim thank you for hanging out we will say goodbye in a little bit stick around to build one yet WGN..

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