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Can hit Charley Steiner, AM five seventy sports dodgers first baseman that Beatty. Slug had two run Homer in the second inning as you heard I of his big league career dodgers best, the cubs five two three Las Angeles in baseball season in full swing. Tune in tonight as Cody Bellinger, and the dodgers host the cubs coverage begins at eight PM eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app and up next Tyson fury makes his Vegas fighting debut. We look at this is the SPN radio. This show and all of ESPN is streaming live on the ESPN now ESPN plus where you get more ESPN download the ESPN app today, and take ESPN everywhere. My name is meter about Tra. I have been in this country thirty two years. And this is how I live United America has always been the land of promise and then my community. Many families have come for a better life coming from another culture myself. I know the desire to become part of a community to feel at home and to gain, the tools for our children and families to succeed. So I advocate for these families with United way United way in follows them to look beyond the histories and to see what oddities are available. We helped him yet involved with their kids schools network within the community on me. Do you like them? We make the communities about what I do something. I rish someone done for me, and I'm so grateful. I label to my name is about. I help families the opportunities and succeed. I don't just wear the shut, I live it. Give advocate. Volunteer. Live united. Go to live. United dot org. Brought. By United way and the Ad Council. People join walk MS to raise awareness and funds that change the world for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis MS attacks, the brain and spinal cord. It's the most common neurological disease leading to disability in young adults. Walk mass brings communities together creating teams with friends loved ones, and coworkers to rally around those. We care about and end MS forever. Join us together, we are stronger walk in this fundraising accelerate research breakthroughs and life changing breakthroughs. It will take all of our patient, determination and fund raising to end a mess forever. Together, we can change the world for people with MS. Join us registered today. Started team and raise funds at welcome S dot org. Saint you exceeds any expectation or any dream. I could've ever had about a hospital. I was told we wouldn't get a Bill, I didn't quite process that houses possible. It's possible through all the wonderful people who donate, I don't know if they are aware of what they do with their saving children's lives every day..

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