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Johnny nelson. Hey, Bruce surprised at least eighty four wasn't nominated this year. I thought she played a role perfectly and should have been at least nominated. Yeah. I mean, if if you're gonna have to vote, I mean, what have you place Ford would have been? You know? Smollet which particular hoax, would you want to nominate? Well, one of the ones we cannot nominate apparently is we cannot talk about the Lieutenant governor of Virginia. You're this story. This is phenomenal. The governor of Virginia gun in. Fairfax happened to be black guy and he in front of the assembly both both houses at the same time made a speech yesterday. Where he compared himself to a victim of lynching due to the sexual assault. Allegations is currently facing. You said at the close of the legislative session for the state Senate. And I quote, I've heard much about anti lynching on the floor of this very Senate where people were not given any due process whatsoever. And we rule that and we talked about hundreds at least one hundred terror lynchings that happened in the Commonwealth of Regina under those very same auspices. And yet we stand here in a rush to judgment with nothing. But accusations, and no facts until we decide that we are willing to do the same thing. Two women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault. My position has been there. Just accusations. And until there's some substantiation of those allegations. He should be allowed the same presumption of innocence that we argued for judge now Justice Cavanaugh until there's actually some substantiation some contemporaneous document that indicates that either of these women talk to a friend. I went to a hospital to get the rape kit anything because that's what the guys accused of. Then they should simply be viewed as well. All right, fine. You can say anything. Now back it up. Where's the proof, basically? Fairfax has denied the allegations the lesson here, though is as it Cavanaugh. When Justice Thomas compared to his grilling by the Democrats before he became a Justice Thomas. And then he called it a high tech lynching, and he got all kinds of scorn heaped upon him from the political left. I I've yet to hear the scorn being heaped upon whatever the governor. Fairfax Justin, Fairfax Virginia. But you not now that it's difficult to actually make an accusation of a black guy. The same kind of allegation made against the white guy. Not too long ago. And the white guy was assumed guilty. Prove yourself innocent prove that thirty years ago. You did not do something prove that you were in a different place. And then our witnesses you were you can't prove a negative. And Fairfax instead of somebody dealing with it on that level made the decision. No, the appropriate level for me to deal with this to say, well, clearly, this is racism. There's just a lynching. People Lynch people I mean hundred at least right here in the state and not just another victim of racism, both women, by the way, I do believe for African American both women who are making the accusations of black. But fairfax. Why do think he needs to have due process? He apparently doesn't even want that really. Because then it would be just a lynching verified by law. GOP majority leader down. They're gonna get Todd. Gilbert said this is the worst most disgusting type rhetoric he could have invoked it's entirely appropriate for him to talk about you process. It would be indeed intend to offer him every ounce of it. And he's welcomed the dick advantage that anytime you're like, but the accusation somehow that this is simply a lynching. Well, I mean, there's some people you can accuse of raping somebody and some people you cannot accused of raping somebody, I guess that just in Fairfax isn't he second group of individuals. What's thank you for ten AM. Six. Eighty toll free long distance is one eight hundred six.

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