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Position ahead of the williams of george russell. Yes you have that right. George russell restarting on the front ray. Tomorrow after an incredible lap the even saw him on provisional pole for a moment on the second very we have lewis hamilton alongside daniel carter who will stop p three and p four respectively but it was the other mclaren that looks set for a strong result today after landed norris top the times in both key. One and q two but then suffered a nasty sean orig- at the beginning of key three thankfully landau is okay but it did bring an abrupt end to a qualifying session. That was looking very very promising for the brit. The changing nature of the weather today prove challenging from the get go with q. One delayed by twelve minutes due to rain and one things did gown to away. The williams drivers led the pack out as the only two drivers running intermediates. Despite a spin by latifi the williams pair proved that the end is why the tie is to have on the rest of the pack switch from full wets off to every drive had completed at least one run several drivers including ricardo alonso and hungarian grand prix winner on while under pressure. At the end of key one ultimately cheer for nazi and sonoda were knocked out in sixteenth and seventeenth respectively while mixture marketic. Eighteenth for house. Kimmy reichen did produce his best right at the end of q. One but that was only good enough for nineteen and ahead of nikita as a pin at the railroad. The filled inc you to the story was mainly about the mercedes. Drivers having to pit twice to change that enters after initially being sent out on us sets this put them out of sync with the rest of the pack and meant that they spent most of q. Two at the foot of the times. I was sitting down in eleventh and twelfth ahead of the final rotten's but after coming in to take a second new set of into cue to that thought over win qualifying hamilton and bought us improved enough to get through safely behind them. Recalled jumped ahead with his final effort in q. Two knocking out charlotte in eleventh nicholas latifi took twelfth for william's his best f one qualifying result ahead of carlos sainz and fernando alonzo launch drove miss out setting a final q. Two time as he could not completely out lap in time and wound up fifteenth. Like batas astro will drop five places on sundays great for causing the second shun at the start of the budapest race. Lost time out. Rain intensified ahead of q3 as conditions. Switch back to drive as needing full wax off to the intermediates had been the taya choice of key one anke to norris had set the fastest times in both he wanted you to but reported some acquaplaning on his q. Three outlet westbound seattle following shortly behind. The mccarron called for the session to be stopped. After george russell had led the pack into the opening laps of the shootout norris's correction to slight snap of overstay at through the second part of orig- sent his co. sparing left and into the barriers side on often would stop to check. Norris was aka. The britain was able to climb from his car on the session was halted for forty minutes as the wreckage was cleared..

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