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Oh four rich number don will take your phone calls phone calls this hour just at a beautiful lovely chat with Michelle Monaghan in our green room messiah is for new Netflix show star started streaming this week Susan are couple episodes into and we're we are into it and you know one of those some of the streaming shows as soon as they're done you're locked in and you will learn this Chris as Jessie Tuggle Brockman just seven weeks away from arriving or as I text I texted you and Serra at the just right before the kick all right the sugar bowl this is the last Georgia Bulldogs football game before Alexander Brockman is going to come into the world I will say there was a meeting goes who's that I'm like oh man she old she and I was like no quarterback Quincy Carter Brock man I'm gonna go I'm gonna be honest with you champ Bailey outdated I did in fact Google quickly all time passing yards in the all time passing yards list is to choose one from all Stafford right yeah but I mean it's too it's too easy to sample I to go old school her voice mail on what they're under the bus here her voice mail is still you've reached serin Matthew Stafford with a message that's fine you can't you can't tell it or change that right now I don't care if you're not jealous of that act as a staffer in think it's funny okay good well young look if to be with Serra Tiana you've got to have a sense of humor back about yourself everything in about thirty that's everything if you don't expect that you should have a sense of humor about okay twenty right the reason I bring this up is that when you do have your child again your six seven weeks away from the due date correct correct.

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