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Named Ivan Thie Story of Ivan. The guerrilla took the nation by storm in the early nineties, a gorilla kept in a shopping mall with a special talent for drawing. Bull's eye. Look at that, eventually inspiring the hit Children's book, The one and only Ivan Gorilla. Gross. Now a major motion picture heading exclusively to Disney, Plus It's a long Lee a staff. It's a beetle. We sat down with the author, director and one of its stars Angelina Jolie. So tell us what inspired you, Angelina to get involved with this measure, my daughter, Shiloh. And she loved it, and she loved Ivan, and then I just inquired. If it was anybody was making it. What's happening with Julie playing the role of Stella, an elephant mother who offers wisdom to our animal friends. You like to hear another story? Oh yes, please Stella's mom crayfish. When she dies, she will not leave her child in a safe place. And she needs to find a way to empower others to protect your child. That's very different than Playing an elephant in a kidsmovie Humans did that I don't believe not. All humans are bad. They can surprise you. Very, very thought provoking Rubia. What was it like watching your book be transformed into a movie and to see it play out on the big screen, but to see it go from this little book. To this absolutely beautiful moving with us gorgeous heart at the center of it. It's just been so breathtaking. It is the perfect movie at the perfect time. They were all four of you. Warranty right now and maybe, but we're watching in the animals is resonating with us the way it wouldn't have to do things that I held in my heart throughout, having read the book and throughout Working on the movie Friendship is probably the most precious thing we all have. And that, as Ivan says, in the movie, Kindness will always be there when you needed and terrifying at the heart of the film. A message to walk away with their should be discussions in the home. What is best for animals and What is good and bad about a zoo situation and what is a sanctuary and all of these questions that they must ask. The one and only Ivan is now streaming on Disney. Plus the action heated up overnight in the embassy bubble. Here's ABC is Will Reeve, two of the top teams rebound, The Milwaukee Bucks coming back.

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