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Make sure that the tools are available for everyone and we want our employees we want our teachers in detroit three of eleven the city i think that bills daughter sitting and duggan annalisa plan includes those who work for detroit public schools charter and private schools the bidding starts with a thousand dollars the program is opened to full and part time school employees of a family with five children was able to escape the burning home this morning a detroit's east side father woke up to this smaller smoke and alerted the family fire started and upstairs bedroom in the home of 1100 block of belfour's street boys have issued a warning about scammers targeting works some businesses using dte energy as bait so this is how the scam works according to police a person we'll call and say that the businesses behind on its energy built this camera will tell the business that the power will be set off if money is not paid the dte energy immediately this camera will give instructions on how to send the money usually in the form of prepaid gift cards police warned against sending any form of payment to any the organisation are medal andhra wjr news our the to seventeen bells bayview mcelroy's report wjr's ted ever gam last start of the two thousand seventeen belt beer baby mac and irate occurred just moments ago well last eight owes raging from seventy to eighty feet brought hawaiian added art north nardi to end of ten to twelve not moving night late rangers picked up it's going to be a long and uncomfortable like released sailors had or back at all islet the burst boats should reach the island if lead when all sometime on sunday with most of the fleet if you can going the daylight hours of monday i would be kind of a normal race for this uh they're sailing classic this is a ninety third sailing at this rate rate wjr's ted ever have wjr news time coming up on 205 wjr traffic and weather first on the five time.

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