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Island so with a lot of races let's go for all right yeah in a first rate we can go through the entire card okay we go first in the first race in order of preference I like the the street maiden dropper on the outside their number seven that'll be CD bluegrass again didn't break that chart from the rail but actually ended up getting in a speed duel with the odds on favorite that day although in favor actually ran last and CD ran second to last but again those two didn't do each other any favors on the front end so I think in this race it looks like the lead is is right there for the taking so Sadie bluegrass is gonna be the top call and my second choice will be the real runner number one at says she did Kelly says actually technically the favorite in the morning line at nine to five pretty consistent in the last two efforts there and then also I like another street meeting dropper number five running diva not leave Catalino for with bill Deeley us so that's a good trainer Jackie combo there and so those three should should work out the first race at least I second race we're gonna go six furlongs and in this race for person twelve thousand field of seven and those big morning line favorite I guess you would it be the six Aiden's harbor at five to two yeah this is pretty interesting and and much like your first yeah I guess Matt I I'm going also with the number for Falcone a real interesting play for Jonathan one also an extended break but I think he's a trying to find the proper level that's all gone and I think this based on the figures that this one's been earning sit down and sat in Sydney that anyway looks like they do that measure pretty well here so yep all cone going to be a nice next tech seventy two in the morning line so we can get pretty close to that when the race goes on I will be my top call and maybe as a back up number two saying grace is it consistent although you know for seven over to Peter with movement mainly second and third so it's probably better used on the underside but definitely number for for will be public probably end up being my signal in the early pick sides sequence I would go to the third wastes field of seven hair and five two two once again is our favorite and once again Jonathan long on number one sure yeah that one definitely is going to get the top called a status Johnson long in Wonderland is and then hitting at a pretty gaudy percentage specially with their favorite site I think it's something like ten winners from fourteen tries so that's that's a pretty outstanding win percentage with when they do look up on the favorite self Chuck players I think should you should be pretty happy about that I'm gonna go also with the with those number one I was going to use also number four rebel at heart and I was going to get to did get a little slight drop down in in cleaning company but also is getting but the the get the blinkers on skis picture is gonna put the blinkers on the number four so that maybe could move that one up a little bit but the it looks like it could possibly cool cases second either so maybe if I get another one better on this on the underside but yeah looks like number number one church you should be able to take care of this field probably wire to wire okay moving along the fourth race another sprint and our favorite on the morning line here at five to two for Lenny Powell is the four Shuster yeah this this race is pretty interesting hi I was going to take a stand against the the favorite in this one in fact I didn't I wasn't really sold on the second choice actually in the morning line either so I it really is the the value is really pretty good in this race I was going to go with number seven born protocol as the as the top called a deadly for the one in the morning line I I also like the number eight smile for me that's the seventy two choice and only the best value in the race and it was with some pretty good shot from off the pace anyway is going to be number three Little John I really like this one with the with the route to sprint angle and also gets reunited with crystal ball Carrera not that's the jacket actually got this one home in two of the first to starts and this one's career so I like that one and then also a nice little sharp three for a long drill coming and so little Johnny as a nice off the pace type but all also with the number seven and the number eight I'm moving on to race number five with our guest handicapper for Golden Gate fields Rick rides of speed figures dot com check them out with their analysis of the Golden Gate fields races in the fifth race will have another spent and in this heat once again now we have a little well we have a three to one favored and that would be at el sun ten narrow and we I should say John too long with the favorite once again and in this race in my order of preference I was actually going to go ahead and use the first time starter as the top call and it's for the kind of familiar well you can Desormeaux's up here actually writing looks like for the for the weekend and yeah at a pretty good day yesterday and again for mount set two winners in two seconds so he he seems to me figuring out our our are to be to service pretty well so out and actually this is going to be for Robert has senior and I think that the the the early returns so far in the fire curling to Mr for pretty favorable looks to be it looks like the runners tend to be pretty precocious so about six to one in the morning when I was a was really good value there and then I was also gonna use the number five bang for your Buck another route to sprint angle week closing from off the pace with Frank Eldorado and then I was pretty impressed with gallon Warren really outran his odds first time out against I mean claiming now is protected in the maiden special weight groups so number eight so in in again in order of preference I was number three five and the eight hi movie nine the race number six and once again a sprint and then this race once again our favorite is not odds on it's a three to one shot Jonathan long again this time Hernandez will ride night of idiots the three were gonna yeah that one is going to be definitely one of my contenders but in the order of preference always going to go ahead and use the number eight Katerine as the topical that one actually finished a very close that such as third by a neck beaten by diamonds I think that was a sad time is in Champaign and that's you notice looking at the night of idiots last race diamond and champion that was actually the winner on the January sixteenth tried out for sixty two fifty so so that is a lot of idiots was actually beaten the links and three quarters by that rival were is again Catherine was only a neck behind that same so back on December twenty eighth so I read I kinda like the the in pattern potentially with maybe a third off the freshening the to work out since raced are actually pretty snappy too so I think Catalina Martinez has a good really good chance with the number eight at actually eight to one in the morning line and then maybe the third or so you wanna sprinkling for some the exotics might be the number eleven I cedars of Lebanon so I was actually in order of preference numbers eight three and eleven eleven number eight okay moving on to a race number seven tell us about three forty five another good pot here made in person thirty thousand dollars and some bonus if you're a cow bread and will have a field of nine and on the bottom on the outside will be one Hernandez and you will ride number nine continental union yeah that's right well I I I I might be way off on this Monday the the the one really want to give them the top call is a little bit well a little bit silly maybe on on paper but I at my at my premises that I don't think that the number one two is to the speed mom is really had a fair shot yet that I am a season ability but then also seal it quite a bit agreement so that was back in June actually raced in June and July over at Pleasanton and some horses just really don't like the Pleasanton surface so you could you could argue the it is maybe just throw those races out in that regard to but it's both times kind of at least you know with the presence there at the top of the stretch in in in in into the stretch and then first time out was just really a radic and and then be a combination of just being green erotic and maybe fatigue in a little bit of the six for a long distance and then the the next start was kind of in a in a dual and then decided that kind of duck in against the rail lost the jockey on that day so again it comes just a couple efforts so you you don't really get much from but I really like to be the training patterns coming into this one sickened started the sequence with a nice thirty five and three thirty firsts grill on December eighth ninety C. just really nice pattern of five for a longer all six furlong drills stamina building so and also the getting Frank Eldorado to ride was also maybe a little bit of a tell it I think that generally happens is looking for good things from to assist the bomb so that's actually going to be the top call in and I'm going to go ahead and use the number seven that would be coming off a little bit oppression or as well bill maclean recorded in dollars seventy two in the morning line and then the third one to maybe throw in there is the stacks number three major Kong so again I was numbers one seven and three for race number seven hi today's a brace from Bonnie stretch out to a mile and a in this race or person twenty thousand and eight or going in here including and three to one it'll be a super star Hernandez and wall yeah over star certainly one of those nice consistent types that you know give you a pretty good rally from from off the pace you know now now seven years old so maybe that I I don't know it sounds like you know what earlier in the year it did there is actually a pretty good little win streak that I kind of saw down there are you know at least three out of four races in and since then it's been nibbling a little bit more so so over stars and gonna get a probably a pretty good set up.

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