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It wasn't me that's a heartbreaker down to forty million dollars later this week in the meantime we check New Jersey fast traffic forty two north bound reckon that wrecked by the offering that route one thirty that's been cleaned up we are sending out a little bit but still want to slow traffic north of exit ten up to about fourteen and west found some of the AC expressway still pretty busy in Winslow township just past exit twenty eight on three thirty eight we're also getting word of a crash no one to ninety five south bound rex in past the exit and exit twenty nines your slow for a good half mile getting into that accident location been very heavy in Dennis township on forty seven north families up past route eighty three and we've got a wreck in Hunterdon county on route seventy eight east bound reckon approaching the off ramp exit fifteen and we're also getting word of a crash in the garden state parkway through Monmouth County just north of exit one of five looks like it's in the express lane still very busy though north bound local and express from the Asbury told back up to that accident spot and then still slowing pockets from one oh nine right back up to one twenty then again from the Driskell bridge up to about one thirty two eighteen spin on the slow side coming into seventy nine in Marlboro township and again getting the old bridge exiting for route nine that's the slowing the north bound erection into more slow traffic on nine up by re thirty four George Washington bridge leaving New Jersey at the upper deck we've got a stalled vehicle at the toll plaza that's a thirty five minute delay twenty five lower thirty for the Lincoln twenty at the Holland from one in nine but later off the turnpike approach couples bridge not bad just a little bit of stop and go once again on the span him the on a bridge crossing still in the twenty minute range this report sponsored by mothers against drunk driving.

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