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Lovely. During painting and stuff together. So that's sort of a bonus She's very willful and I love that about her yeah. she's. She's also I love is the thing even though she's molly only child she's very confident and funny and loves engages with adults quite well, which I guess is she's only child. so she definitely is her own. Volumes of characteristics but yeah, I do I do see some of some of me and have as well it must be quite hard. To tell of kids when they're showing that wilfulness. Feel like so many I know that that man in the boardroom you through Penn Donen said, this will never work about the and some as parties. There's sometimes when you see a feeling in your view Tommy that you're doing the right thing meeting coming head to head with it and seeing that happen there must have been apart with the thought that kind of gives you that extra fire. So when you recognize that trait in Utah By. Converting for man. Gone it's good to be a set of You know I know I, find that with mine actually I think that can. I can sometimes be a bit T- sympathetically Oh, I I recognize that for me, I think it's a powerful tool. Isn't that when you're when you're parenting when when you look at it as you've been such a successful businesswoman for you know for such a long time, your career was so established by the time you had your baby did you find it? Tricky to to shift and have give time to yourself and let the business of. Do its thing in a slightly different pace or did that? Did it not really feel like that? It was quite difficult time for me at she sort of bitter sweet because Scott was a twin and She she had a baby brother as well who was very poorly when he born so. He he passed away eight months later. So we went through a very, very difficult time so. You know. It was it was difficult getting a a balanced because you know we take scholar to to see Alfie and You know we've actually got some noise video footage of the two of them together so. You know everything to do with work just obviously was totally up in the avenue and sort of went on hold And then. When he sadly passed away it was then a case of. An and I'm sure there will be parents out there that have been in this situation I'm sadly where you you you. You've got your own grief to deal with but at the same time you want to be strong for your other child. Yeah. You know and that that's That sort of. Is Challenging but. Sort of helpful at the same time because it makes you you know have to deal with that and you know we've always sold Alfie in the conversation we wisdom things to keep his memory alive, which is. which has been nice because in a way that means he's still here the an particularly for scalloping twin you know there's the extra connection which you know. To. How to manage that? But Yeah that that's sort of made it. That made it difficult but. You have to in some ways you have to get on with life for the for the sake of the child. I am and I'm sure saying difficult is. Sometimes language doesn't really do enough to to help us up because. I can't imagine how awful that must have been go through and. I. When I've tried to think what it must be like to lose a child. I think I would want everybody to speak their name I'd want to sing from the rooftop. So everybody knows that they existed they were here so I can very much..

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