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And now without further ado, let's continue on our tour with another fascinating case from Amazing Cardi nerds colleagues. Carter's welcome back to another fabulous discussion as part of our CNC our series. We are so privileged and honored to be joined by fellow colleagues from the UCLA cardiology fellowship training program are so thrilled to be joined by doctors, Hilary Shapiro, Ruth Show, and Jay Patel guys welcome to the show. So excited a heavy here really excited about today's case. Would you mind introducing yourself? Hey, everyone. My Name is Jade Patel. I'm a PG life five cardiology fellow at the University of California Los. Angeles I was born and raised in Chicago most of my schooling there. Before moving to the area for residency, I'm so excited to be through my fellowship now here in Sunny Southern California when not at work you previously would have found my wife and I spending time on one of our many hiking trails here in southern California or waiting in line for some delicious street Tacos. But more recently, you'll find a sitting at home training, our new puppy, a beautiful Bernadette doodle Mambo he guys thank you so much for having us on Cardio. nerds were really excited. Be Here I'm Hilary Shapiro, one of the final year cardiology fellows at. Ucla in one of our current chiefs along with Ruth I'm interested in advanced heart failure, cardiac transplant mechanical support outside a work I love to go to the beach or go hiking in Malibu or explore the restaurants in L. A. and even though in California I also left his skis. So in the winter I'm up in the Sierra Nevada mountains getting much snow time as I can. Hi everyone it's such a pleasure to be here as well. I am Ruth. I'M ONE OF THE THIRD YEAR CARDIOLOGY FELLOWS AT UCLA is in general cardiology with a focus on. Women's cardiovascular health and in my free time very busy with my rambunctious and very opinionated toddler who I've successfully trained to know the heart makes to sounds. Wow, ruth j hillary what a treat a treat to have you join us and I have a special shoutout from Jeff Su who has just been a great card entered supporter from the very inception..

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