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Behind the reason it ended is because she blew out both of her legs. She landed awkwardly after a tumbling pass in the in the floor exercise and fell as her legs went though wrong way. This would have landed them had she delivered. A perfect performance would have landed. The Auburn Tigers a spot in the NCAA's region final. It is incredible. It's her legs are crumbling. It's just terrible to watch they described medically. They described it as both of her legs. Sorry, both of her knees dislocated, and she broke both legs. It's just a gruesome gruesome injury and for her. The thing is gymnastics was never going to be her life. This was a great thing that that she was doing in school at cetera. But she is an. Aviation engineering degrees. What she's getting your degree in aviation engineering? She already has a job with Boeing after she graduates. She's getting married in a couple of months. Her life is going to be fine tear. But it's gotta be it's gotta be a horrible thing to lose this incredible hobby that you've had this sport that you've been playing for eighteen years. Like, she said to be able to you know, lose it in just moments. She got a massive standing ovation because even though it was incredibly difficult to watch the immediately put her legs in those air casts. They put it, you know, a sleeve, and then they pump it full air to keep it in mobile, huge standing ovation when she was carried out of the arena on a stretcher still haven't watched the Alex Smith, and Jerry, I can't even I mean, can you imagine knowing these people not that I know Alex Smith, but I feel like I know Alex Smith he imagine if you're her family or whatever watching how does your teammates, and you still have to go out and compete. You're not done. Maybe maybe you're. Doing the floor exercise later. Yeah. And you've already seen what could happen. All right coming up next on Twitter. Piccione don't watch it. I'm telling you now, don't watch it. Just don't watch it on Twitter. Don't watch the gymnast video when everybody that writes back to me says, oh, I just watched it. I just watched it specifically told you not to watch the video smell this milk. All right. Oh, that's gross. Coming up next swamp. Watch we will go live to Washington to find out where the Bob Muller investigation moves from here. Gary and Shannon will continue an update from the newsroom. Amy king. Actress Felicity Huffman and twelve other parents charged in the college admissions cheating scam have agreed to plead guilty Huffman is charged with paying fifteen thousand dollars for someone to Dr her daughters. SAT scores. Fifty people have been charged including thirty three parents actress, Laurie Lachlan and her husband are also charged, but they are not among those who've agreed to plead guilty news. Brought to you by California, bonds dot com. The mother of missing eight year old boy from corona has appeared in court in riverside. But Jillian Godfrey did not enter a plea to the child. Cruelty charge. She's facing her lawyer met with prosecutors outside of court, and they agreed to a one week delay. Police say Godfrey waited more than a week last month to report her son. Noah McIntyre, missing the boy's father has been charged with torture murder and child cruelty. Though, the boy's body has not been found. The father has pleaded not guilty. The traffic backups around LAX have gotten more clogged three lays next to terminal three are.

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