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Our guest today is a journalist who has spent over twenty five five years chronicling the lives of girls exposing the contradictions young women face in their intimate encounters everywhere. She she went however she was urged to turn her attention to boys which she resisted until two and the declarations that masculinity was broken and toxic. And so she stepped into the opportunity to engage young men in authentic and perhaps long overdue conversations stations about gender an intimacy. She'd already discovered that American parents talk little to their daughters about sex but she soon learned that they they talk even less to their son's her biggest fear going into this project was the guys would WanNa talk to her especially because in her words. She looks like she could be their mom. Welcome Peggy Ornstein author of boys and sex young men on hookups love porn consent consent and navigating the new masculinity. Hi thanks for having me. Hi Peggy so even though you do look like. They're like you could be their mom. You soon discovered that boys were actually very eager to talk with you about themselves and their experiences not only about sex but about about porn casual hookups. And those even bigger questions that we're all thinking about about race sexuality and gender and their our own developing perceptions of masculinity. I'm really curious. who were you talking with? So I was talking to boys who were between the ages of sixteen eighteen and twenty two and because written girls and sex and I had focused on a particular demographic which was kids who were either college bound or in college. I did the I kind of. Just just transpose. That and that was the same that I was working with for boys and sex but beyond that That was pretty broad..

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