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This is Bloomberg markets with funny Quinn and Paul, Sweetie. Well, technology lead us out of this crisis. We don't know how many companies can accept people back on the roster bed seems to have really flexed its muscles. They're still growing the virus risk breaking market news and inside from Bloomberg experts to wring out that by the dip mentality that takes time. Are we looking at the most Damaging break in the labor market. Does the shape of the yield curve matter? We're looking at late 2021 early 2022 were really feels quote unquote normal. These he's Bloomberg markets with Bonnie Quinn and Paul Sweetie on Bloomberg Radio. Coming up. It is merger Monday. We're gonna take a look at Brookfield bidding to take Brookfield Property Partners Private. Plus, we're gonna get the latest on Bitcoin. It's up another 8% too close to $32,000 Mike McGlone commodity Stratos for Bloomberg Intelligence will make sense of it for us. But first, let's go to Greg Jared Bloomberg News for eight numbers. BUSINESS flesh record. Just got a bit of an elevator feeling in my stomach. Paula's stocks take a leg down over concerned that there could be tougher coronavirus restrictions taking place that offset speculation that widespread vaccine distribution in government stimulus would reignites economic growth. The dollar's down Toward its lowest level since 2018 Thomas Koster Berg Bank pick debt into senior U. S economist tells Bloomberg. He sees bad days ahead for labor markets. I'd expect quite poor employment report for December later this week on Friday. The reason is that the virus continued to spread in the U. S. With shock uprising infections. We've seen initial jobless claims data in December being on the on the soft side as well. So I would expect quite a week report I was check the markets. Now the SNC is down over 1% down 39 the Dow's Down 1.3% down 387. The NASDAQ's Down 9/10 of a percent down 118. 10 years down to 30 seconds. The yield 300.92% West Texas intermediate Goods down over 2% of 47 53, a bear with comics gold up 2.8% of 1947 50 announced. Dollar yen one of 3 12 the euro dollar 22 73 in the British bandit All 35 79 Home Capital group has soared almost 10% to its highest in 11 months after an R V C upgraded Out perform from under perform by Jeffrey Kwan, The analyst called the mortgage lender a sleeper idea for 2021. Right now Capital Group is up 7%. That's a Bloomberg business Flash. Bloomberg markets continues. How funny Quinn and Paul swinging No, thanks.

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