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Everything you have was it purchased. Secondhand on EBay, whatever it is. We'll never know for sure. But there is some kind of insecurity, deep inside the mind of Long Island is e that makes it so wherever he goes you will follow him, whether you know, it or not I'm sitting there this week, curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. They do this fantastic. Toy drive there. It create a pro which is the school run by curt Hawkins, and my friend, Pat buck, and they they do a toy drive that they've been advertising on their podcasts for a few weeks now, and they ended up getting something like almost three thousand toys, they got like twenty five hundred figures for kids in need. So that it Christmas kids that may not have presence normally would be able to have brand new wrestling figures under the tree now, I was going to donate. But as we all know every figure in my collection is, you know, it's missing paint. It's missing a finger. It's it's garbage. You know, it's garbage collection. So what was I going to donate? Right. Actually, I was thinking to myself like I was planning on going up there, and I turn on beyond the mat the night before. And I was I was inspired by Dennis stamp, and he's sitting there and he's talking to Terry funk. And I looked at Terry funk like he was curt Hawkins and curt Hawkins was coming up. And he was going Sam Sam I want you to be there. I want you to be there. And I said well, Kurt. I'm not booked Kurt. You told me I wasn't booked. And now I've got other plans and curt Hawkins was sitting there going. We'll we'll see him. I want you to be there. We come. We be there. And I'll go Hawkins wasn't booked. I wasn't booked. I got other plans. Now, we never got to the point where Hawkins would go. Well, how about if I let you referee? How about if I let you referee the main event? I didn't get to the place where I could say I'd rather work the main event than breathe..

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