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Chase Utley Cole Hamels Ryan Howard now unfortunately there are way too many culprits and again I'm willing to accept people changes human being so I'm not going to hold a grudge but they were way too many people that held the injury against Ryan Howard when he was clearly making a ton of money and couldn't live up to that money because the guy ended his career essentially by ending his season within a Kelly I mean it was a brutal injury that forced him to essentially just go from really good to not good at all and out of the league so there were a lot of people that held that against him while he was still on the team I think now if you ask about right now now Brian Dawkins universally loved always right now when you look back and reflect on people nobody really has anything bad to say at all about those guys that won a World Series in even Chasen war who came out and flat out told us and I'm not sticking around because I can get more in Washington and went and played for the nationals there is a love and appreciation for him so I would say the eight guys you know the guys that stand out Cole Hamels Jimmy Rollins chase Utley Ryan how're Brian Dawkins bar none without a doubt Roger wore ski I I think it's done so much for the community in Philadelphia that people who criticized him as a player understanding and really appreciate what he used to Philadelphia so I would put him up there to Randall Cunningham not many people have much to bash about him that's an interesting question though we don't have many actually shows that you get me speaking of Houston will stick around because there's big news on the trade front regarding the Texans and I told you you know I told you about Ezekiel Elliott that next dates on generous finished is.

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