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Afternoon right now we reckon get well at home zero days get well at homes road we also in injury crash and Winchester I get well with emergency crews on the scene out there check on homes road near mill branch and we have only the left lane getting by due to utility work on north found out Mariah and American way which I think your got issues with youth or high school sports positive coaching alliance can help PC a national nonprofit offers more than a thousand free online resources for youth and high school sports coaches parents students and administrators visit P. C. aid devs own dot org this is a box thirteen weather update this is chief meteorologist Joe we sell affect fifty six cool degrees tonight with just a slight chance for some scattered showers in your weekend kicks off with mild temperatures right around seventy three degrees and those chances for widely scattered showers continue in fact they continue through Sunday but then things change next week more warmth means more energy and a chance for storms find out when those could arrive at your house joined good morning Memphis Saturday morning beginning at six AM I don't want to talk to you real quick about selling your home during this corona virus pandemic you may think it's a terrible time to let your house that is not true the data showing that there are a ton of people working in sitting at home and they are spending an insane amount of time shopping for their next home right now on apps you've got all these apps that list homes right what do you think people are doing right now they're looking at houses and spending a lot of time looking at each listing if you are wanting to get your home sold and you want to think about even think about what's your home do it right now call John Quinn the number one remax agent Memphis for more than a decade straight John Quinn is a fifty nine day contract guarantee he guarantees.

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