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And you know i think that You know bernie and learn the same thing. It's a little bit different from what chuck schumer seem to learn so you must have had the better teachers. Howie klein teachers. Maybe not bernie. Because he was there before Before the rest of us were gotcha. How he climbed find him down with tyranny dot com and while you're there visit the blue america pac and help elect progressive in the primaries. Get them to be the candidate so we can vote for them in the general. Thank you how next week. Okay sounds good all right and thank you. Everybody i'm tomorrow. We're going to go on a little trip with george washington seriously all explain tomorrow or gonna take a walk down really memory lane until then i will lead you with the news. Thank you for listening everyone And i'll see you tomorrow. take it away nicole. It's time for nicole sandler. What's news from the goal. Sadler dot com and progressive voices network hiring cop general president biden on wednesday proclaiming his support for general mark milley chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in a forthcoming book titled peril hitting shelves next week. Washington post journalists. Bob woodward robert. Costa stay that. Millie called his counterpart in china. General lee junk chang in october and again on january eighth because he was quote. Fearful trump might spark war milly. Spokesperson said the communications were part of millions. Normal duties to quote maintain strategic stability. Well the former guy told the right wing propaganda television channel newsmax that millie's actions if true amounted to quote treason. No it's not treason and thankfully many other generals are coming out for claiming their support for what he did as well. The additional reporting confirms that really did indeed consult with then secretary of defense asper before that october call and that he spoke with donald trump's hand picked replacement in january though acting secretary of defense christopher miller denies it to be continued on shore emotional and devastating testimony on wednesday before the senate judiciary committee by four american olympic gymnasts. Who were all abused by former physician. Larry nassar simone. Biles michaela maroney. Maggie nicols and allie rice men all accused the fbi of botching its investigation into numerous allegations against nassar. They also cited intimidation by the sport's governing body. usa olympics. simone biles was the first to speak to be clear. I blame larry nassar. And i also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. All four gymnasts pointed fingers directly at the fbi for mishandling. Their allegations usa gymnastics in concert with the fbi and the olympic committee working together to conceal that. Larry nassar was a predator. I then proceeded to tell them about london and how he'd signed me up last on his sheet so he could molest me for hours twice a day. I told him. I told them how he molested me right before. I want my team gold medal. How he gave me presents bought me. Carmel makia does in bread. When i was hungry. I even sent them screen shots of nassar last. Text me which was michaela. I love how you see. The world with rose colored glasses. I hope you continue to do so. This was very clear cookie cutter. Pedophilia and abuse. And this is important. Because i told the fbi all of this. And they chose to falsify my report and to not only minimize abuse but silence me yet again. kayla moroni. this spotlight on the f. B. is horrific handling of this case brings up some old problems too most notably the agency and director. Chris raise failure to investigate the over forty five hundred tips. That came in were guarding then. Supreme court nominee brad kavanagh. So this is not over either nor should it be while the media seems intent on focusing on pitting one side against the other politically. The clock is ticking. On the death-dealing. This is an issue that we didn't have to deal with. For the last four years because the democrats worked with the former guy and the republicans and went along with his plan to suspend the debt ceiling until after the twenty twenty elections the result is the donald trump oversaw the fastest increase in the national debt of any president in history. Remember he campaigned on eliminating the national debt. In eight years in reality he added at least eight point three trillion dollars increasing the debt by thirty eight percent in less than four years. And now mitch. Mcconnell is telling chuck schumer that it's up to the democrats alone to raise the debt ceiling. The bottom line is that if congress doesn't do it soon the. Us government will default by the end of next month and risk serious damage to both the economy and our international reputation in other news. President biden on wednesday announced a new military pact with britain and australia called august a uk. Us all right to share advanced technologies such as artificial cyber operations submarine systems and long range strike abilities. The agreement was widely interpreted as a bid to counter china's expanding influence in the region. Us district judge. Lewis kaplan in manhattan on wednesday refused to delay a lawsuit accusing the former guy of defaming. Former elle magazine columnist e jean carroll after she claimed he raped her in the mid nineteen ninety s. Trump's lawyers had asked to put the case on hold while they appealed an earlier ruling by the same judge. This order could let carols lawyers obtained documents from trump That is unless he appeals. This ruling is well to block it which of course he will carling lawyers also want to obtain a dna sample from the orange one. You may recall carol. Sue trump in twenty nineteen after. He denied her allegation that he raped her. And a bergdorf. Goodman department store fitting room in manhattan the former guy said that carroll wasn't his type and accused her of making up the story to sell her book. Oh please well. I guess it's elon musk's turn again. Base on. Wednesday launched the first space mission with an all civilian crew. Something new in this private billionaire's space race. They used a reusable falcon nine rocket and sent four people. A tech entrepreneur geo scientists and aerospace data engineer and a physician's assistant into orbit. Unlike the other two billionaire launches that spent mere moments outside of the earth's atmosphere. These four will spend three days in space before splashing down in the atlantic. The thirty eight year old founder and ceo of a company called shift four payments. That's the tech entrepreneur paid an unspecified amount for his.

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