President Trump, Israel, Barack Obama discussed on The Mark Levin Show


There's another matter i want to get to that i find quite troubling and i speak by mine and i call him as i seem ladies and gentlemen obvious the president united states his now in my view going soft on israel sorry sorry sorry sorry that's my view one of his best friends as ronald lower ronald louder has been pushing hard for this two state solution and met with a boss and the president has met with a boss and and lower his otherwise a fairly solid conservative guy but this troubles me quite frankly meeting with the president is talking about in thinking about i don't know why now he's obsessed with a two state solution in israel have the palestinians demonstrated that they want to live in peace side by side with the jewish state now is there any evidence of that whatsoever now so past comes here is all dressed up meets acts you know like a serious person and he goes back the middle east a gerald's era so the man is to faced and now the israelis having suffered under eight years of obama are going to have to figure out how to do the the rope a dope i think under trump in my humble opinion i want you to listen to this hr make master i don't like this case the director of the national security council i don't like and he was at the white house press briefing today i want you to listen to the language he used and this was brought to my tension by my buddy brian rights let's start with cut eleven mr producer go and he will develop a strong respectful message the united states and the entire civilized world expects or muslim allies to take a strong stand against radical islamist ideology an ideology that uses a perverted interpretation of religion to justify crimes against all humanity he will call for muslim leaders to promote a peaceful vision of his law now that's pretty.

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