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Winning in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, then I'll Senate races in two thousand sixteen. All right, turning to Arizona Republican. Pollster the Trafalgar group found finds the democratic congressman. Here's congresswoman Kirsten cinema ahead of Republican Martha mcsally fifty to forty seven percent that's close and in the Tennessee US Senate race that looked like he'd been slipping away from Democrats. That was surprising new poll from east Tennessee State university conducted in late October found the Republican House member, Marsha Blackburn, tied with the former very popular democratic governor. This of course, is what brought us Edison, and. political historians in the future. We'll call the Taylor swift effect. Forty four percent to forty four percent Bredesen's has done something really interesting Heidi. He is distanced himself from the National Democratic Party whenever he felt like distancing himself during credit party during the cavenaugh hearings the way they've been handling themselves. Nationally. He is he is uniquely independent. You don't usually hear somebody. That's a member of a party is openly critical of the party. Unless of course, they're Claire mccaskill, and then she just called some people in our own party. Crazy. Right. What you're saying this and number of races as well. Jos? I went around to different districts at the local level for House Democrats who are running in these more conservative districts that they are trying to distance themselves from the national party there. For instance, not at all shy about saying that they don't support Nancy Pelosi, which was the case when I visited Virginia seven so this should not be a race. As far as Tennessee is concerned. If Bredesen's pulls it out there, then I think we are truly looking at a wave election because Republicans have already pretty much counted out a lot of these rust belt states where Trump carried them like Pennsylvania the governor's race. There is pretty much gone. The governor's race in Michigan is pretty much gone. And so we're moving into the Republican rock ribbed territory here, I think we are looking at a wave election to see this. Close again, like we said in the previous segment, it's hard to know. How accurate this polling is because it does seem to swing on a day-to-day basis? But if Bredesen's pulls it out that's going to be pretty surprising. I think Tennessee and Texas. Republicans have to be the odds on favourite that said you've got to close poll there may be an outlier, but you have beta within three points in an Emerson poll this past week Republicans, of course, mocking him. Consistently. But if the Democrats are going to take back the Senate, they've got they've got to win North Dakota, Tennessee or Texas. We'll talk to Texas races is hotter than a dog on the fourth of July in Rila, exactly. So I think that. But Democrats are hoping for a Blue Wave tomorrow and political experts say Virginia could be one of the early indicators of that Heidi Priscilla will have that new reporting next morning chat joining us now, former aide to the George Bush White House and state departments that leads Jordan. At least we're going to get to you on your recent conversation with voters about a few Trump's midterm stances and just a moment. But first Heidi you spoke with voters in Virginia's seventh congressional district about that race. What did you hear right make us? So if there is legitimately going to be a Blue Wave analysts, tell me one of the first places that we should look on Tuesday night is Virginia's seventh congressional district. That's these bedroom communities around Richmond that have not gone blue since Nixon..

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