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He married a woman for Greek card for a year. He he's he's made six hundred billion dollars if this country groom at Downey's, not even from here. Of course, they are. That's why they hate America. We've got to build that wall. That's a Roma town. He's running around. He does heal people. She there's this whole weird Christian that she goes around heels, he talks about it. Healing people Roma down. Well, we booker's the she shedding that fucking Bruce on her Daffy bruise. Yeah. I don't. Oh, we're showing a picture of Roma. Downey got this Bruce tonight when Tom Arnold tried to ambush me, my husband, Mark and meet at a charity event is your TV show worth at Tom. The irony of they did the apprentice was that worth it do. Here's a crazy thing. Here's you've ever the office this show. Jed jed a Fisher. She was talking to her about fifth forty feet away. She saw Margaret choke beach. Like, What what am am I I? got my husband's choking tomorrow? She ran into the scrub Brian Fogel had his photo Philby. By the way, the documentary vaguer. Kicked his phone out of his head. What are the odds? That's god. I have with the guy that won the Oscar for the best documentary last year of all people in Hollywood to go to this party. He has his phone out me. He doesn't know what he's like I'm gonna fill this party. Would I supposed to buy mother? We'll see this. And that's what Mark Burnett decides to choke me. Would you rather? Would you rather be the president Mark Burnett? Donald Trump or Joey buttafuoco. Well, Nancy Pelosi is going to be the president. Really? Yes depot. She's getting she's getting her face is getting away from her hair. She is a bad as she's gotta get closer. Bad ass. I say that for Republicans Democrats life. Hey, look at all those people out there looking out there, all she's a badass. Plus e e she yes what she do. Why do we like, well, I had the privilege probably the last three weeks before the the bitch herbs of of giddy be fairly close to. She's a she's a positive person the president. Yep. Well. Yeah. Well. What do you think? Order succession kind of. I think. The house. I think she'd probably have to spinoff ride right there. Twenty twenty. They do. I mean, it's going to be. Happy fairly quick I'll let you look into them pays..

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