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He bought the house from And you know all kinds of experts to say that that anything that perfect recorded on his iPhone has been distorted because I found are not giving an actual audio volume. It's kind of crazy will the amount of money that he must be spending on legal fees and experts and investigators. It's probably off the charts. But what is grows his current complaint against topic paying that marked perfect has a stalker central place, as his lawyer said, he's essentially a stalker. In gay, essentially engaging and stocking practices. She said that he has been following growth in his girlfriend with this camera that he served viciously filming him that this is that he also alleges. So you know, we have the Laguna Beach Police come in and testify about the noise complaints. They constantly have to respond to. And they basically AH, firm or confirm elements of Celtic story. There's music plane. It's late. It's late at night and their position it is very loud. He's complaining that perfect is obsessed and has weaponized if he got the police to testify that confirmed his version of the story. It's because he's weaponized the Laguna Beach Police Department. In his favor. And I guess that one thing is that we're all sitting and weathering under very bad. Terrible news about, you know, tragic news about the pandemic. Ah, lot of people are kind of asking what's going on? And why are we in court? So So the decision here is up to the judge. No jury. It's a judicial hearing and and its superior court held that Orange County Superior Court She said She wants to finish this hearing by December, 15 and she's going to issue her own finding s. Oh, she's being asked to consider doing harassment claims. And then there's also a slew of other lawsuits that have been our corollary suits. And complaints. They filed on a variety of different method measures, you know, so she seems to be dealing specifically with the harassment claim. It's unclear. You know, everybody's got deep pockets on the story. So this litigation and all its corollary, you know, allegations and complaints will probably proceed into 2021. Thanks for being on the Bloomberg law show Pat. That's Patricia Hurtado Bloomberg Legal reporter. And, of course, gross issued a public statement today offering to end all hostilities with his Laguna Beach neighbor. But Tofik rejected the settlement called it a stunt to stem the tide of negative press. Public exposure of gross's actions has produced and that's it for this edition of the Bloomberg Law Show. I'm June Brossel..

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