Eric Lipton, The New York Times, Washington discussed on Fresh Air - In Trump's Gov't, 'The Regulated Have Become The Regulators'


And are actually now helping make these choices to roll back the same regulations they had fought when they were on on the private sector eric lipton is a correspondent for the new york times based in washington he'll be back after a break to talk about some of the officials in the trump administration who are rolling back government regulations including epa administrator scott pruitt who take some unusual security measures while working at the office also david being coolly tells us about netflixing new marvel comics series the defenders i'm dave davies and this is fresh air support for this podcast in the following message come from morgan stanley for more than eighty years morgan stanley has offered financial wisdom to its clients and for the last few weeks they been offering financial wisdom on a brand new podcast the morgan stanley ideas podcast will answer some questions you've wondered about for years and others you didn't even know you had find out on the morgan stanley ideas podcast available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic in a businesses have long felt that you know government regulators don't really understand their industries in their problems and the value of the jobs that they create and there's this longer this belief that in a regulation is overly burdensome there's also this broader ideological notion that there is this administrative state this kadri of unaccountable people in washington who are out of touch and way too powerful a both forces at work here.

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