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Save you money which will make you use that smile. Ah, whole lot more to find a guy Go agent near you physic Geico dot com slash local I'm CBS 12 News chief meteorologist Aaron Christian sentence We head through our Tuesday evening. Mostly cloudy skies continue to bring a 50% chance for some scattered showers and isolated storms. Heavy rain is possible in the year. The storms that do materialize when from the Southeast up to 10, MPH and an overnight low anywhere from 75 to 80 degrees. Have you seen you pavement markings and enhance signing that really crossings in your area? That's all part of the Florida Department of Transportation's operations, tried Rail safety initiative to improve safety at real crosses. The department's efforts are ongoing. So follow if Donald social Media for more updates and always drive safe. Tomorrow, the greatest hits of the seventies eighties nineties. This's Sonny, one of 79. She said. It's cold. Always. We'll be fine. Away. You got a better color believes he's got. Where's the moon? Lost the way She believes that life wasn't made up on the wall took out three days. Go away, wait outside. Sonny, one of 79 the greatest hits of the seventies, eighties and nineties. Their words are really clear. You don't want to go want a chance. What chance do you Sure some.

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