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Seven. Two eight five. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum. Show podcast well. We have been talking to a lot of our friends on the road Over these last two weeks because never in my Lifetime has have have truckers. Been more important and we are delighted to welcome into the program. Not only is a song writer but He does a trucking pot trucker in and he does a podcast Palmar Hofer and I hope I got that name right Long-haul might be the best way to Paul. How are you great? Your pronunciation was spot on. I am a trained professional. Seriously it's it's it's really great to have you on and we had a call about twenty minutes ago from a trucker in Frankfurt Germany. We've had calls from truckers all across this country and You know because you deal with these men and women every day They are keeping this country alive right now. The thank you for being with us. And tell us what you're hearing and and from your friends out there on the road unfortunate to Be someone who hauls food and So it's really been business as usual for us and I mean yes sir. Been changes I mean. Atlanta was a ghost town on the Florida last week. and you don't have as much access to some facilities sit down restaurants and the like but when you when you compare those Inconveniences to just the you know What the rest of the world is going through. I feel quite fortunate so things are going well but I want you to talk a little about just The men and women that you know that you see that you converse with that you hear from because I know we always tend to take people for granted until we into we realize how important they are but Give us a little back story on on on who these people are. And and what people like you and your friends out there go through every week. Well you know had a really interesting conversation with a friend of mine Shortly before Calling you seem as Bill Bill. Last Wednesday fell sick and just horribly sick at a truck. Stop in stock and let me. You couldn't even see watch TV. And you know He. He carries his own food as you know Microwave and other ways of preparing food but but he he was just laid up sick unable to care for himself For days and He called his brother who was in nearby. Indianapolis brother was under quarantine. He said the best I can do for us to call the ambulance. And so they did and the ambulance came out and they asked him a series of questions took his temperature. And Said we don't think you've got you know Cova nineteen and he was just left there to to deal with it and He he heard His the trump park next to him like something is tires and he said Man I. I don't even have strange to to to go in there and by myself water. I've run out of water. Could if I give you this money and the gentleman said Menu. You're sick yeah I I'm bad. And the truck next to him said get away from me you know. He was just irate. Don't breathe on me. You don't read on my truck but there was a there's no organization now they're Called meals for eighteen wheelers and so a call went out on social media and you know. He woke up one day and there was a six pack of water on his step. Somebody else brought him some orange juice and soup and lemons and cinnamon and I. I've known Bill Awhile. So when I got off work eight he and his wife or old friends and they back. They gave me a couple of harmonicas once and I was able to take take some groceries to him but I mean this guy still there and and then when when you consider the impacts you said you know in Texas if you take a ride to a hospital in an ambulance your commercial. Driver's license automatically suspended. So Ah when you imagine just how fraught That situation is for a gentleman like that. Who really can't verify condition. That's one example. You see the best in the worst of what's going on in this Pandemic and that whole episode strangers bringing him food. And you know I'm a stranger who is the brother just could would not help him so I'm just giving you that story because it's the the the the first one that comes to mind long-haul Paul joining us Talking about The truckers who who make this country work. I know that it's difficult and and I say that because I experienced five days with a trucker many many years ago so to in terms of a newspaper piece I was doing but what is a normal or is there such a thing Paul as normal week for a truck. Well I the job I have now. I've had almost nine. Years is is Kinda gravy deal. We have direct accounts with Fortune. Five hundred companies and we. We always go somewhere warm almost so we we legal high. Oh and Florida go to Texas about five if this is how you want to run home in about five or six days and it's it's really nice. I call it old man my earlier days. I didn't hall this kind of stuff I was just you know I was just you know all out. You Know Gung Ho just going as many miles as I could. This has been a kind of a good place for me to land after that That kind of running but But for me. The normal for me is two days up in three maybe to today's down. We're three days But I gotta be honest. All I'm kind of a sin bagger. I'm just I'm I'm just not the guy that just is Gung Ho. I've done this job a long time and I just want to get my job done and not hurt anybody and go home and understandably so what. What can we normally find on your podcast? Oh well thanks. For that mentioned we hit over. The road is is a it's a PR extra radio. Topi collaboration with the folks I write for overdrive magazine and in fact my editor. Todd dill's is a listener understand. And he wanted me to send you his regards along with a rousing in dogs. Thank you He's Interesting story about toddy. He lived in Chicago for ten years and then he just gravitated to sec football at a sports bar because like other people with that same cultural identity were there and those were. I became his group of friends and So but anyway Getting back to the PODCAST. What they did was Jewish Shapiro Just I don't know I don't know if this analogy is going to work with the sports trucking audience but it was sort of like Unwise THE ELISA doolittle project they they just. We're GONNA take this guy in this truck seem to like to spin yarns and tell stories and and the land the land mentoring resources into production resources of this amazing network and turn it into something which hopefully approaches an ethnology of the industry in an artful manner. And it's it's done well. Julie Shapiro is is really honest. Our executive producer and. She's really one of the great teachers I've had in my life she She's she's justed. Collaboration that that took and in the skill that took the people that parties on the same team is really bears. Tribute to her and in cost in costs are sound designer. But we we've gotten so so many nice conversation started and It's it's made. It's made a pretty good impact. It was In the top. Twenty for awhile on Apple. An apple has half a million active. Podcast seems to be hanging in the top one hundred fairly well and and it's It's really a bizarre turn of events because of this podcast and this association with this network Get calls from you know legitimate people like yourself we we just had an article shout out from the New Yorker today and and I think what I hope people will hear as like a studs terkel storytelling Version of trucking. That doesn't always make it into Commercial programming this is it you know. Radio is an independent network. I've of content creators and so we had a little more latitude and What I really respected about in costs and Julia Shapiro like if someone would tell us a story about how they were addicted to a drug and they got down on their knees and ask God to take it away from. They didn't they didn't They didn't shy from that story. They put it right in there and because they're looking for an historical context of what has to jump in here. Because we're we're about to run out of time but I do thank you very much. We wish you well and we hope hopefully give our best regards to everyone out there on the road. Absolutely thank you. Thank you long-haul joining us a really interesting concept there we We are certainly saluting. It's been a breakneck show. We started Couple of hours ago with Kirk herbstreet saying he believes the College Football Season High School in the NFL could be off. Didn't feel comfortable. He didn't feel comfortable thinking it was going to happen. That set off quite a chain of events. Joe Scarborough joined us. Mike Lucan the next hour. We have been very very busy. And we'll try to include your phone.

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