David Gregory, Hillary Clinton, Russian Government discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Not fake news, real facts; Trump: Senate GOP needs to fulfill health care promise; Trump calls Sessions 'beleaguered'


Entourage one of things lots of talk about germano david gregory lured codes ryan a gloria border were jared kushner's essentially saying look i didn't read the full email chain that that donald trump jr sent me there's no defence of don't from junior and this is essentially just saying i winced as meeting had no idea who the participants were a don't remember how many people there were and was boring as my mrs nicole me so i could get out right i keep us on a bad day saying you know just call me to get me out of this meeting i i what he didn't contest was the known facts about the meeting you know he didn't in his in his testimony say when i read down the email it was clear that these were russians and my and don jr was thrilled about getting the dirt i'm hillary clinton so his testimony was is interesting for what it didn't say as as what it is what it did say and i will also add that you know we have have known about these meetings and jared kushner had a lot of opportunities if he wanted to to say these meetings never occurred with with gorkov with kislyak and cetera cetera he portrays him as completely innocent and that may may well be but throughout all of this you know he didn't deny that these meetings took place no other one thing that the investigation will be looking at is inconsistencies in his testimony so on the one hand with the email about the trump tower meeting in june of two thousand sixteen kushner says well i didn't even read that whole exchange because obviously there was one part of that is very maybe incriminating out the word but very eye opening it says you know the russian government supports your father's campaign and we want to give you information to saying how i didn't even read that part nothing about the meeting.

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